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Sports Copyright Maker Launches Blockchain Copyright Platform For Countering Piracy - Piracy News and Crypto Updates - InviteHawk - Your Only Source for Free Torrent Invites

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Sports Copyright Maker Launches Blockchain Copyright Platform For Countering Piracy

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MP&Silva, the World’s Leading Traditional Sports Copyright Maker, Launches Innovative Copyright Trading Platform MSC

MP&Silva (MPS), the world’s leading sports media services company has entered the blockchain segment with the launch of its MSCChain based streaming media copyright trading platform. Designed exclusively for new media, advertising platform and MSC streaming media playing platform, the solution enables streaming media to be propagated and traded in a point-to-point way and finally benefiting the providers, advertisers, propagators, and end viewers. With the launch, MPS becomes the first of the world’s top traditional sports copyright owners to have ventured into the development of a blockchain ecosystem.

Behind the MSC – The World’s First Blockchain based Copyright Trading Platform

Currently, when content producers distribute videos, the last necessary stop is the centralized content distribution network – CDN. CDN is a massive network and composed of numerous servers scattered around. When a user clicks to play a video, a signal will be generated. Industry regulation and punishment for illegally propagating sports events, including illegally playing videos of major sports events, illegally using pictures and texts of sports events etc. are not satisfying, so purchasers and advertisement launchers of new media contents can’t really achieve their goals or make a profit. Since exclusively broadcasting brings many harsh terms to advertisers, industry and brand advertisers bear very high advertising costs. As we know MSC will start ICO from 6th to 10th June in 2018.

How MPS Global Value Chain Addresses These Challenges?

MPS technical team takes advantages of blockchain technology which is public, transparent, immutable and uses smart contracts, to establish MSCChain public chain. The team uses its unique P2P streaming media transmission technology to build a comprehensive business ecology based on a trading platform for managing copyrights, storing, forwarding and playing media streams, and even advertising. The MPS Global Value Chain offers protection to the value of media streams by providing a way to monetize rights for transmission and storage of media, countering piracy and misuse, all within a fair and transparent environment.

MSCChain solves the problem that viewers can only watch games in one direction and cannot communicate with each other at the same time. Therefore, MSCChain combines more new media and multiple screens to create more interactive live events. At the same time, combining blockchain’s token economics, it designs more interactive gameplay and business models for live broadcasts, which can greatly enhance copyright revenue.

The Objective of the Platform

The aim of MSC is to use blockchain technology to reshape the streaming media copyright industry rules so that all participants can fairly obtain the corresponding rights and interests. In the ecological construction of the MSC project, the event party has a new distribution channel, high-quality content providers get more prominent display channels, traditional TV stations/video sites can openly and transparently purchase right of broadcasting, and advertisers can also directly open bid. Individuals pay MSCCoin to watch genuine high-quality events through the MSC playing system. Those storing content receive rewards in MSCCoin for sharing PoS, PoBW, and PoRep.

Technical partners are Baofeng, a leading P2P technology platform in industry, and traffic trading platform bitcoinfile based on world’s first IPFS, which can minimize bandwidth costs.

The MPS Team Behind

Many members in MPS team have work experience in traditional IPO, securities and futures, and they have rich operating experience in financial products. By balancing supply-demand relationships in different phases, they can keep the entire platform ecology healthy and sustainable and provide maximum guarantee for early investors’ benefits

MPS looks forward to designing more interactive gameplay and business models for live broadcasting through blockchain technology, which will substantially increase copyright revenue, effectively reduce copyright costs, and achieve all-win scenario.

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