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Kim Dotcom Will Be Launching a Decentralized Social Platform

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Kim Dotcom, Founder of the already defunct file hosting service Megaupload, will be launching a decentralized social media platform that will aim to be outside the control of any government from around the world.

The information has been released by Kim Dotcom on his Twitter account on June the 3rd. He said that after launching K.im, a content monetization system, MegaNet will be working on a decentralized social media platform that will be “outside the control of US Empire or any Govt.”


The main intention behind it is to work with experts so as to create a zero censorship, Twitter replacement.

The information has been revealed just some months after Facebook involvement in a scandal with Cambridge Analytica. Important data and information of over 87 million Facebook users has been used to influence voter opinion on behalf of some politicians.

Additionally, all the data collected by these social networks (Facebook, Twitter, and others) is sold to enterprises that are searching to potentiate their sells.

At the moment there are similar initiatives to the one that is being proposed by Kim Dotcom, including Memo Cash, which is a social network very similar to Twitter that is based completely on the Bitcoin Cash network. One of the main characteristics is that nobody is able to decide what to do with your information or the things you upload.

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