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Ryan Gosling Is Neil Armstrong In First Look At First Man


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Ryan Gosling is front and center in the first images for Damien Chazelle's First Man. Chazelle burst onto the scene over the last few years thanks to his jazz-fuzed films Whiplash and La La Land. The latter won him a Best Director Oscar, while he was nominated for writing on both. His third feature is going to be very different from the musically heavy films he's become known for, with First Man set to tell the story of Neil Armstrong. Ryan Gosling is back to work with Chazelle as the leading man and he's got an all-star cast around him.

There's been plenty of interest in First Man since the first details started to come out and the hype has only grown in the months to come. It received stellar buzz out of CinemaCon but the marketing has yet to kick in. Many are awaiting the arrival of the first trailer, which may be on the way now that some images have been released.

People debuted four exclusive looks at First Man today that put Gosling's portrayal of Armstrong at the focus. The images include a close-up look at Gosling in the astronaut suit, one of him and fellow members of Nasa walking through the facility, another of Armstrong and his wife Janet (played by Claire Foy), and a view of presumably Apollo 11 launching. Chazelle also teased his approach to making an epic story feel grounded in something more.

I wanted to try to tell the sort of epic space movie [story] but root it very much in family and in love and loss and marriage and parenthood and what those things mean.

These images for First Man don't reveal much, but they certainly look excellent - as has been the case with all of Chazelle's films. The director also explained to People how Gosling perfectly embodied Armstrong's quiet personality, which could make this performance by Gosling closer to that of Blade Runner 2049 than the eccentric role he played in La La Land. The balance between space action and the personal times that Chazelle also mentions will likely draw further comparisons to Ron Howard's Apollo 13. Gosling will surely be at the core in both parts of the movie.

Now that the marketing campaign for First Man has begun, it hopefully won't be too much longer until the actual trailer is released. The film is currently set to debut in October so if Universal intends to stick to that date, it would be wise to get a trailer out soon. However, if Chazelle has gone three-for-three as a director and First Man is exceptional, then it could be shifted back a few months to have a prime awards friendly release date. First Man looks to be off to a great start and these images will be just enough to hold people over till the trailer.

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