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This Star Wars: The Last Jedi Edit Makes Leia The Most Powerful Jedi Ever


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A Star Wars: The Last Jedi fan edit takes two of the film's more controversial moments and blends them into an awe-inspiring display of General Leia Organa's Force powers. It's been six months since Rian Johnson's entry in the Skywalker saga was released and the heated debates over its various pros and cons hasn't truly died down. As many know by now, several of Johnson's creative choices proved to be highly divisive, as The Last Jedi looked to subvert expectations and deconstruct the franchise's mythology with a story about learning from failure.

Johnson's handling of the characters didn't sit well with all, including the now-famous scene where Leia uses the Force to fly through space and save herself after the Raddus is attacked. Despite this having precedent in Star Wars canon, several took issue with how "Leia Poppins" was portrayed onscreen. One person took it upon himself to "fix" the scene, and the results are pretty hilarious.

Twitter user Josh Scully posted a video edit that begins with the moment Leia taps into her Force powers. In an homage to Thor: Ragnarok, Led Zeppelin's "Immigrant Song" plays as the General soars through space and ends up doing the Holdo maneuver herself - destroying the Supremacy and surrounding First Order ships.

If Leia had managed to pull this off in the film, there's no denying life would have become much easier for the Resistance. Our heroes spend a good portion of The Last Jedi on the run from the First Order, unable to jump to light speed because of the First Order's hyperspace tracking abilities. Holdo doesn't make her daring sacrifice until close to the third act, after the Resistance has suffered heavy losses. It's true Leia herself most likely would have died as she went through a Star Destroyer (unless she's even more powerful than we thought), but she would have ensured the safety of her allies and provided them with ample time to escape.

While this fan edit is simply a bit of good fun, Leia's space flight may have more serious longterm ramifications in the films. The comics are beginning to suggest Leia is suffering from potentially fatal side effects caused by her time in the vacuum of space. This could be used to explain the character's absence in Episode IX, which was significantly rewritten to reflect the passing of Carrie Fisher. It'll be interesting to see how things play out on that front, but the filmmakers will definitely have a plan in place before they begin production next month.

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