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Watchmen Set Photos Reveal New Details About HBO’s Series


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Set photos from the upcoming HBO series Watchmen reveal some intriguing details about the adaptation of Alan Moore's popular graphic novel. Though the photos don't include any heroes (or antiheroes), there is plenty for fans to chew on.

Published in the late 1980s by DC Comics, Watchmen is as much a superhero story as it is a gritty, unrelenting satire of the entire superhero genre. In an alternate timeline of American history, Watchmen imagines a world where super-powered beings played a role in rewriting history, only to be forced into retirement when the government deems their abilities illegal. In the upcoming HBO series, writer/creator Damon Lindelof (Lost, The Leftovers) revealed that he won't be directly adapting the original comic series, and will instead create a sort of "remixed" version of the story, which will star Jamel Chambers, Regina King, Adelaide Clemens, and Time Blake Nelson. Now, some behind-the-scenes photos have surfaced revealing some interesting details about the upcoming series.

Courtesy of Birth.Movies.Death., production in Macon, Georgia reveals a redressed downtown area that is meant to represent Tulsa, Oklahoma. In one photo, a bus stop is dressed with a poster that is adverting a fictional television show within the show called "American Hero Story: Minutemen." Not only is this an obvious nod to FX's American Horror Story series, but a reference to a band of heroes within the Watchmen universe. The Minutemen were superheroes that predated the Watchmen by a few decades, and this ad might hint at a show-within-a-show that details their dramatic history. Another behind-the-scenes photo reveals some new storefronts for the show, including a clothing store called "Millennium," a bakery called "Milk & Hanoi Bakery," and another store called "Treasure Island." There is also a red, white, and blue-colored cab, as well as a gastropub called "Pale Horse."

While the upcoming series is riddled with secrecy (which is no surprise, considering Lindelof's involvement), another behind-the-scenes photo has surfaced recently - namely one of Don Johnson as a police officer. Though it's unclear which character he will be playing (not to mention what characters any of the cast will be playing), it's opened the door for plenty of speculation.

Though the concept of not directly adapting the comics has proven to be slightly divisive among fans, Watchmen appears to be in good hands with Lindelof. Risks aren't guaranteed successes in movies and television, but in the hands of someone who has been a loyal fan of the series since he was a young boy, this Watchmen Remix could prove to be an entertaining love letter to Moore and Dave Gibbons series.

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