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NVIDIA Unveils Adaptive Temporal Anti-Aliasing with Ray-Tracing - General Hangout & Discussions - InviteHawk - Your Only Source for Free Torrent Invites

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NVIDIA Unveils Adaptive Temporal Anti-Aliasing with Ray-Tracing

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NVIDIA published the first documentation of Adaptive Temporal Anti-Aliasing (ATAA), an evolution of TAA that incorporates real-time ray-tracing, or at least the low light-count method NVIDIA implemented with RTX. Its "adaptive" nature also lets it overcome many of the performance challenges users encounter with TAA in high framerate and rapidly changing 3D scenes, such as in games. Non-gaming scenes, such as those used by real-estate developers, don't face these challenges.

To developers, ATAA promises image quality comparable to 8x supersampling at a cost of under 33 ms frame delay. These numbers were derived on a TITAN V ("Volta"), using Unreal Engine 4. It could take a while for ATAA to make it to games, as developers will need a few months to learn the technique before implementing them in their ongoing or future projects. NVIDIA will introduce ATAA support through driver updates.


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