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Pakistan: Teefa goes after piracy, urges people to report pirates - Piracy News and Crypto Updates - InviteHawk - Your Only Source for Free Torrent Invites

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Pakistan: Teefa goes after piracy, urges people to report pirates

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Teefa cracks down mainly on pirates on Facebook and YouTube. Ali Zafar takes on this menace for his own and future movies to come from Pakistan as this culture is extremely damaging for movies. The culture of piracy in Pakistan has been pervasive as the film industry of Pakistan has been growing in recent years.

With the recent hit ‘Teefa in Trouble’ that has proven to be a record breaking film of Pakistan, many pirated versions of the film were uploaded on Facebook and YouTube but have now been struck down with serious criminal implications for the pirates.

Ali Zafar and his company Lightingale Productions has decided to step up action against piracy not only for his film but for the entire Pakistani film industry to stop piracy and take a stand against the people who are behind stealing the film without any copyrights and uploading pirated versions of the film online on different websites thereby seeking to cripple the burgeoning film industry.

Those committed piracies must be made to realise that it is a serious criminal offence to do so as there is a legal system and punishment in place for the crime of piracy. Teefa in Trouble Team calls out to the entire film industry to support in the cause for taking action against piracy and report every person who uploads a pirated copy of any material belonging to the film/entertainment industry of Pakistan.

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