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  1. Vivo APEX, the World’s First Truly Bezel-Less Smartphone Finally Has a Release Date and It Is Coming Next Month Vivo is all set to release the first ever truly bezel-less smartphone. The Vivo APEX concept phone that was demoed during the Mobile World Congress in February will finally be unveiled on June 12. The thing that makes the phone stand out is its screen which has an amazing 98 percent screen-to-body ratio and there is no notch in sight. This means that the smartphone managed to one-up the iPhone X when it just comes to design. Apart from the all-screen design, the other two features to look forward to are the pop-up camera and the in-screen fingerprint sensor. Vivo APEX Has an in-Display Fingerprint Reader That Covers the Bottom-Half of the Screen The company has already started sending out invites for the upcoming launch event that say that the APEX FullView Concept Smartphone will continue the company’s vision. There is a little bit of discrepancy here as the phone showcased during the MWC was called the Vivo APEX concept phone. So, the company hasn’t really clarified if it’s the same phone and left us hanging by stating that the upcoming smartphone will ‘continue the vision’. This can possibly mean that a new device is going to be unfolded. Most key smartphone manufacturers have shifted their focus to bezel-less smartphones. The iPhone X was also touted as an all screen smartphone by Apple but the presence of the notch disrupts that claim. Lenovo’s upcoming smartphone the Z5 will also have a screen-to-body ratio of 95 percent. Vivo is preparing for the unveiling right now with a commercial campaign planned for the 2018 FIFA World Cup season. Vivo phones are predominantly sold in Asia so it is unclear if the upcoming APEX will be released internationally. Another drawback is that we have no word on the pricing yet. Still, the precise machining and engineering required to make a phone truly bezel-less is certainly an arduous process so by no means is the smartphone going to be cheap. The APEX featuring an OLED panel is not going to lighten your wallet either but we’ll keep you informed regardless.
  2. Lenovo's CEO, Chang Cheng, has been teasing the upcoming Lenovo Z5 flagship for quite some time now. We've seen some sample photos giving us a glimpse of the output from the dual camera. More excitingly we got a sketch of the design and a part of a press image, showcasing a front panel with nearly 100% screen-to-body ratio. Yet this latest bit delivered by Chang Cheng is almost too hard to believe. According to it the Lenovo Z5 battery life is unlike anything we've seen lately. The CEO says it can last for up to 45 days of standby, which is just ridiculous by today's standards. There's no information about the battery capacity itself, but we can assume it's going to be a big one. Still, 45 days of standby on a single charge can't be achieved by just increasing battery capacity, so there must be some new software optimization involved, probably aided by machine learning. Really shaping up to be an interesting phone, this Z5 - we can't wait to see more of it. Ideally we'll soon get an announcement date.
  3. Huawei has managed to outsell Samsung and become top smartphone vendor in Poland in April, according to market data from GfK. In March, Huawei held a 30% market share in Poland, sitting just behind Samsung's 32.3%. There are currently no specific sales numbers to put Huawei's April performance in better perspective, but it certainly bodes well for the company that aims to overtake Apple for the number two spot globally. Samsung is still the market leader in Europe and the World but if Huawei and Xiaomi maintain their upwards trajectories things might look differently in a couple of years.
  4. LG will launch the V35 ThinQ next month alongside updated LG X5 (2018) and a new smaller LG X2 (2018) and the recently announced LG Q7, Q7+ and Q7α. Back to the LG V35 ThinQ. It will be launched in the US in August, exclusively through AT&T. According to a leaked specs sheet the V35 ThinQ will be almost identical to its predecessors - LG V30s ThinQ and V30. Instead of opting for a notched 6.1-inch display, like the one on the LG G7 ThinQ, the V35 ThinQ will retain the regular 6-inch QHD+ panel. It will bump the chipset to a Snapdragon 845 with 6GB of RAM but will retain the battery capacity of 3,300mAh. This leads us to think that LG will have a proper flagship phone ready for the fall, maybe even an LG V40 ThinQ? But that's just a hypothesis at the moment. Img The LG X5 (2018), successor to the LG X5, will have a 5.5-inch HD screen, a MetiaTek MT6750 chip with just 2GB of RAM, a gargantuan 4,500mAh battery and a 13MP main camera. The LG X2 (2018) has a smaller 5-inch screen, a Snapdragon 425 chipset with 2GB of RAM and a smaller 2,410mAh battery.
  5. A new update has started rolling out to Razer Phone. Weighing in at over 365MB, the update brings Portrait mode for the camera and the May Android security fixes. A fix for the Android 8.1 multi-touch issue is included in the new firmware. After the update the Razer will lets you lock recent apps to avoid closing them accidentally with a swipe or through the Clear All button. As is usually the case with OTA roll outs, it may take time for the update notification to pop up on your unit, so stay patient.
  6. Remember vivo's Apex concept? We were wowed by it in February, and ever since have been patiently waiting for it to turn into an actual smartphone you can buy. Well, that will happen sooner than you may expect. vivo is holding an event in Shanghai, China on June 12, during which we assume it will introduce us to the market-ready version of the Apex. This assumption comes from the promo materials the company has sent us, which clearly depict a smartphone that looks very much like the Apex concept, complete with periscope selfie camera. What's more, the company itself mentioned during its MWC event that the Apex will enter mass production sometime in mid-2018, and the timeline fits. The Apex concept has 1.8mm side bezels and a 4.3mm chin. With that in mind, it's the closest any handset has been to the 'bezel-less' dream. The screen is a 5.99-inch Full HD+ OLED, and there's an under-display fingerprint sensor too.
  7. The Samsung Galaxy A6/A6+ went official earlier this month, and hit shelves in India and parts of Europe since. Now, another country got the mid-rangers - UAE. Both A6 and A6+ are now listed on the company's local website with links to online and offline stores for those who want to make a purchase. Online partner Axiom Telecom is selling the A6 for AED1,249 ($340). The Galaxy A6+ costs AED 1,449 ($395). Color options for both devices include black, blue, and gold.
  8. I have to admit that I did not really use Malwarebytes all that much anymore on my Windows machines after the release of version 3.0 of the application. Core reasons were super high memory usage and stability issues which the first couple of updates that the company released to remedy the situation did not fix. It did not help that the company released a broken update in early January of 2018 that caused high RAM and CPU usage; the update was pulled quickly but the damage was done. Malwarebytes 3.5.1 Malwarebytes released version 3.5.1 of the client software for Windows recently; reason enough to take another look at the software program to find out what has changed, improved, and what has not. If you have not used Malwarebytes for some time you may notice that the interface changed slightly. The right sidebar content changed; not dramatically but still noticeable. The real-time protection modules have toggles now to turn functionality on or off whereas Malwarebytes used less visible text-only information previously for that. While it is not a lot easier to toggle a feature on or off, it is easier to find out if a feature is enabled or not at the time. One of the main issues that I had with Malwarebytes 3 was the application's high memory use. The situation has not improved all that much unfortunately; a quick Windows Task Manager check revealed that the Malwarebyte's processes used roughly 280 Megabytes on the test system with the interface displayed and about 220 Megabytes with the interface not displayed. The new version fixed an issue in the program's anti-ransomware module that caused high memory and CPU usage, and crashes related to the web protection module. Some users reported abnormally high memory usage and this may have fixed the issue. The two updates that Malwarebytes released in March for the application did fix several crash and stability issues as well. Stability-wise, progress appears to have been made. The program was responsive both when it ran in the background but also when it was scanning the system or performing other operations. So, if you dropped the program because of stability issues, you may want to give it another try to see if those are resolved for you as well especially with the crash related fixes in the three releases of 2018. Malwarebtyes 3.5.1 supports Hypervisor Code Integrity (HVCI) and Device Guard, requirements to meet Microsoft's compliance requirements according to the official release notes. Closing words Memory usage is still high but stability appears to have improved with the latest releases. If you suffered from stability issues for the most part, now may be a good time to give Malwarebytes another try to see how it performs with all the fixes included.
  9. YouTube launched a new feature on the site recently that it called Privacy-Enhanced Mode. You find the option when you open the embed options on the site to embed video code on third-party websites. YouTube videos can be embedded on third-party sites like mine directly so that visitors to my site can play the videos without having to click through to YouTube first. Privacy-Enhanced Mode is a new option that YouTube added to the embed preferences that improves privacy when embedding videos on third-party sites. When enabled, YouTube won't store information about visitors to pages on your site that have YouTube videos embedded on them unless visitors interact with those videos. Think of it as click-to-play; unless you click, YouTube promises that it won't store information about you. The mode was added in the wake of the European Union's launch of GDRP, the General Data Protection Regulation, on May 25, 2018. Default YouTube video embeds set cookies on user systems as soon as they open web pages with embedded YouTube videos. Google may use the cookie to deliver targeted advertisement, add information to the user's profile, or track the user. YouTube Privacy-Enhanced Mode Privacy-Enhanced Mode is disabled by default when you open the embed options and needs to be enabled manually. Here is what happens when you check the box: The default YouTube embed code without privacy-enhanced mode enabled looks like this: <iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/tYYYciJrfns" frameborder="0" allow="autoplay; encrypted-media" allowfullscreen></iframe> The YouTube embed code for videos with privacy-enhanced mode looks like this: <iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube-nocookie.com/embed/tYYYciJrfns" frameborder="0" allow="autoplay; encrypted-media" allowfullscreen></iframe> The core difference is that YouTube uses a new URL to deliver the video to the site. Instead of using the main domain youtube.com, it uses youtube-nocookie.com. Whenever you see a video that uses the nocookie domain, it is set up with the privacy-enhanced mode. Since enabling privacy-enhanced mode for a video is just a change of the URL, it is relatively easy for webmasters to replace all embedded YouTube videos on their sites with the new code as you simply need to replace https://www.youtube.com/embed/ with https://www.youtube-nocookie.com/embed/. How that is done depends on the site and the technology that you use. If you have access to phpMyAdmin, you could run the following command on the wp_posts table if you use WordPress. Note: Create a backup of the table before you run the command. update wp_posts set post_content = replace( post_content, 'https://www.youtube.com/embed', 'https://www.youtube-nocookie.com/embed'); You may also want to run the following command if you embedded videos using HTTP instead of HTTPS (usually the case if you started to embed videos many years ago. update wp_posts set post_content = replace( post_content, 'http://www.youtube.com/embed', 'https://www.youtube-nocookie.com/embed'); The embedded video still works afterward and users benefit from this as it blocks YouTube from collecting data unless they interact with the video on the page.
  10. CRAIG Bellamy has left the door open to a one-year sabbatical from coaching but says he’ll either sign a three-year extension with the Storm or move on at the end of this year. Speaking to the press on Wednesday, Bellamy confirmed what had already been widely reported, that the Storm will not re-sign him on a one-year deal. Admitting he had spoken to Broncos CEO Paul White, Bellamy said financial terms had not been discussed and no contract had been tabled. But he confirmed that he was seriously thinking about a move north and would leave the Storm at the end of this season if that was the path he chose. “I don’t think the Storm are going to sign me up for one year so if I do move it will be at the end of this year,” Bellamy said. “The first thing I’ll be doing is deciding whether I stay on at Melbourne or not. “Depending on what decision I come to there with the Melbourne offer I’ll decide what to do from there.” Bellamy said the Storm contract, which would keep him at the club until the end of the 2021 season, had been tabled “about two and a half weeks ago” with his chat with White happening just days later. He said he hadn’t had time to properly consider the Storm deal because of the club’s busy recent schedule but said he planned to sit down with his family and decide whether or not he would stay on “in the next few weeks” with the NRL season about to take a back seat to the State of Origin series. While Bellamy may yet stay at Melbourne, if he decides to call it a day it will potentially put him on a collision course with Wayne Bennett and the Broncos’ ideal timeline for a handover. Speaking to the media earlier on Wednesday, Bennett was adamant he would be coaching Brisbane next season and White backed that stance up, saying “Wayne knows he’s here until 2019”. But Bellamy was lukewarm at best on the idea of a sabbatical and hinted that if he was to sign with the Broncos the contract needed to start next season. “I can’t guarantee what’s going to happen next year, we’ve got another half a year to go here, so that’s all we’re concentrating on at the moment,” Bellamy said. “ ... You could look at it (a sabbatical) in two ways, it could be refreshing and you could go and have a look at other organisations and pick up some things and we usually do that for two weeks at the end of the year but you’d be able to go into it a little more deeply than what we have at the end of a season. “But having said that the game evolves very quickly and you could lose touch as well so I can’t answer that question because I’ve never done it. “If anyone has done it they could probably answer that question better than me.” For Bellamy to start coaching the Broncos in 2019 Bennett would likely need to be sacked and paid out, a scenario with the potential to spook Brisbane. Bellamy said he was conscious of the need to be respectful of the seven-time premiership coach throughout the process and was adamant that he had not been in negotiations behind the super coach’s back. “The last thing I want to be is disrespectful to Wayne, especially this weekend, he’s coaching his 800th game, that’s unbelievable, it’s one hell of a record,” Bellamy said. “But before I had my chat (with White) I was assured that Wayne knew about the chat so like I say I’m sure me and Wayne will catch up at some stage and have a bit of a chat about things, I don’t know if we’ll chat about this but I was assured that he knew that the chat was happening.”
  11. A WORLD Cup provides an opportunity for unheralded stars to announce themselves to football viewers all over the planet. In past years, the likes of Colombian James Rodriguez and Germans Mesut Ozil and Thomas Muller have grasped their opportunities on the biggest stage to surge into prominence - and not looked back. So who will it be in 2018? Here’s a look at 10 potential breakout stars of the World Cup... SERGEJ MILINKOVIC-SAVIC (SERBIA) At just 23-years-old, Serbia star Sergej Milinkovic-Savic looks set to earn a big money transfer to European giant. The young gun has impressed hugely with his performances through the centre of the park for club side Lazio – so much so that he’s caught the attention of Manchester United, Real Madrid and PSG. Milinkovic-Savic is poised to take centre stage in Russia with a berth in midfield, and with a group clash against Brazil scheduled to conclude the opening phase of the tournament, he could explode into prominence. SIME VRSALJKO (CROATIA) Not as youthful as some on this list, Croatian full back Sime Vrsaljko is still largely unheralded. Fresh off a Europa League triumph with club side Atletico Madrid, the right back could prove pivotal for his team at the World Cup. Recently linked to Manchester United, Vrsaljko is certainly one to watch in Russia. KYLIAN MBAPPE (FRANCE) While already well known owing to his exploits with Monaco and PSG which earned him the tag of the world’s second most expensive player, Kylian Mbappe is yet to enjoy a breakout at international level. At just 19 years old, Mbappe already has 12 caps for France, and has scored three times in the process. But in Russia, he’ll get the chance to announce himself for Les Bleus. Should he fire, he could engineer a deep Cup run for Didier Deschamps’ men. TIMO WERNER (GERMANY) Touted as the next great German striker, Timo Werner is set to lead the line for the defending champions at the age of 22. The RB Leipzig hitman has been in good form in the Bundesliga, netting 13 times and providing 8 assists in 32 outings this season, and should he continue in the same vein he could stamp his authority on the World Cup. In his 12 caps, he’s already scored 7 times – could even be a dark horse for the golden boot. HIRVING LOZANO (MEXICO) Mexican attacker Hirving Lozano rose to relative prominence through transfer links to Arsenal and Liverpool in January. The PSV star had an outstanding club season, amassing a massive 17 goals and 11 assists in 29 outings in the Eredivisiem and he’ll be key to El Tri’s hopes in Russia. Already capped 26 times at the age of 22, Lozano is primed for a breakout tournament. HAKIM ZIYECH (MOROCCO) Morocco star Hakim Ziyech enjoyed a breakout campaign for Ajax this season – topping the Eredivise assist charts with a whopping 17. The midfielder is rumoured to be on the move, and will be keen to show potential suitors what he can do when he steers his nation at the World Cup. He’s already 25, but he’s still largely unknown to the broader footballing public – that could soon change. ALEKSANDR GOLOVIN (RUSSIA) Perhaps the host nation’s best talent, 21-year-old midfielder Aleksandr Golovin is primed to star at the World Cup. Having risen to prominence with his showings in the Champions League and Europa League this season for CSKA Moscow, Golovin is set for a breakout tournament on home soil. KEITA BALDE (SENEGAL) Known for his exploits at club level with Lazio and currently Monaco, Keita Balde Diao will likely start in attack for Senegal. Trained at Barcelona’s famed La Masia academy, the winger is still just 23 and has already amassed 16 caps at international level – scoring three times. In Russia, he’ll be depended on for goals, and should he provide them, the world will take note. EMIL FORSBERG (SWEDEN) An incredible 2016-17 campaign in which he provided an enormous 22 assists in the Bundesliga brought Swede Emil Forsberg to the fore. However a comparatively disappointing campaign this season with RB Leipzig has dampened expectations of the 26-year-old, who has been capped 33 times at international level. The left winger is more than capable, and with a starting berth looming, he could produce a career changing display should he recapture his imperious form of two seasons ago. PIONE SISTO (DENMARK) Flying winger Pione Sisto will get a chance to announce himself to the world when he lines up for Denmark in Russia. The Celta Vigo winger is famed for his speed and trickery, and looks set to explode for the Danes as they take on the Socceroos, France and Peru in the group stage. The 23-year-old is definitely one to keep an eye on.
  12. TOM Fullarton says the toughest part of making the switch from the NBL to the AFL was telling long-time mentor and Brisbane Bullets coach Andrej Lemanis. The Brisbane Lions have won a cross-sport tug of war for the talented 19-year-old with Fullarton signing a Category B rookie contract with the AFL club for this year and 2019. Fullarton was elevated to the Bullets’ 11-man roster for the 2018-19 NBL season after serving as a development player with Brisbane last season when he got limited court time. A Category B rookie contract will allow the former All-Australian under-15 schoolboys selection to join the Lions immediately and avoid going into the draft. His first day at the Gabba is June 1. The 200cm Fullarton has a strong background in Australian football having played at the Caloundra Panthers from the age of four and being part of the Brisbane Lions Academy set-up. Brisbane has kept a very close eye on Fullarton ever since he shelved football more than three years ago after making the All-Australian side. Fullarton has been a mainstay of Australian and Queensland under-age basketball teams and was captain of the Australian side at the under-17 World Cup in 2016. He also attended the AIS-Centre of Excellence in Canberra where Lemanis worked in his role as Boomers head coach before joining the Bullets. “That was probably the hardest thing, to tell Andrej and Richard (Clarke, Bullets General Manager) because of the respect I have for them and the club,’’ Fullarton said. “I’m so grateful that they gave me the opportunity to get my foot into the NBL and start my professional career straight out of high school. Not many kids get that opportunity. “In the end, it (AFL) felt like it was the right opportunity at the right time. The desire to pursue a career in the AFL is really strong. It’s something I’ve always thought about. “Footy is something I’ve put a lot of time and effort into as a kid. I played when I was four to when I was 15. I hadn’t forgotten about it, it was always in the back of my mind. “I feel like it’s the best opportunity for me.’’ Fullarton was set to get more court time in the 2018-19 NBL season as the team’s back-up small forward behind a yet-to-be signed American import. He rejected US college basketball offers and the AFL when he first signed with Brisbane two years ago. He can play in the NEAFL as soon as this season but will need to do a mini pre-season with Brisbane to physically prepare for senior football. With his height, athleticism and skill, Fullarton shapes as a key position player for Brisbane with the ability to pinch-hit in the ruck. The Lions are stockpiling an impressive arsenal of homegrown tall timber. Fullarton will join fellow Caloundra junior Eric Hipwood at Brisbane who also have new vice-captain Harris Andrews as a key position bookend. Hipwood and Andrews were two of Brisbane’s best in the win over Hawthorn on Sunday. Lions General Manager of Football David Noble says Fullarton shows great potential. “We’re excited that Tom has made a decision to pursue his football dream. We know from Tom’s time in the Lions Academy he’s a talented, tall key position player,’’ Noble said. “He will need to work extremely hard to transition his body and mentality for football but we have every confidence he will make this a success.’’
  13. FANS who touch AFL players during games at Adelaide Oval face instant eviction from the venue - and severe bans and fines. The Oval’s Stadium Management Authority have put all AFL fans on notice after banning the man who leaned over the fence to touch Western Bulldogs’ Easton Wood shortly before half-time in Friday night’s match. The Oval’s stadium management on Wednesday banned the man from the venue for the rest of the AFL season. The AFL is satisfied with this penalty. The offender apologised for his behaviour on Triple M on Wednesday afternoon. The Adelaide Football Club was unable to sanction the offender because he is not a Crows member. The man, who described himself as a Port Adelaide supporter, had borrowed a pass to the match – in line with Adelaide’s appeal to its members to hand on tickets rather than leave empty seats at the Oval. The Crows, however, have issued a warning to the member who owns the ticket. And the club has reminded its members they are to ensure anyone who borrows tickets is aware of the need to be well behaved at the Oval. The Crows have described the member as “extremely remorseful”.
  14. BRONCOS captain Darius Boyd says he doesn’t have a ‘Bennett clause’ that will allow him to leave the club if Wayne Bennett is replaced by Craig Bellamy. If Bennett was moved on Boyd ruled out following his coach for a fourth time. “Yeah mate I’m almost done anyway,” Boyd said when asked if he would stay at the Broncos even if Bennett moved on. “I love the Broncos and I’ll definitely be staying.” Boyd has only ever known one coach in the NRL, with Bennett giving him his debut at the Broncos back in 2006. Boyd followed Bennett to the Dragons for three seasons from 2009 to 2011 and to the Knights for three seasons from 2012 before returning to the Broncos with his coach in 2015. However Boyd denied having a clause in his contract that would allow him to follow Bennett if he left the Broncos for a second time. “No I don’t,” Boyd said of a potential Bennett clause. “Brisbane has always been my favourite club and the club I always followed, since I was six years old. “I never wanted to leave in the first place, but an opportunity presented itself for a number of reasons to go with Wayne and I’m very grateful for the experience I’ve had to be with Wayne all these years. “I hope he doesn’t go because it would be sad to part ways with him.” However if Bennett was moved on Boyd believes he would have no problem playing under a new coach, be it Bellamy or anyone else. “Of course I would, I’ve been coached by a lot of other coaches in the rep arena, but obviously not at club level,” Boyd said. “I’ve been lucky enough to work with Kevvie Wallters, Ricky Stuart and Mal Meninga and I’ve really enjoyed my time under those guys.” Bellamy is off contract at the end of this season, while Bennett has one more year to run on his current contract. Bellamy has a three year offer on the table from the Storm and has said he will either take that or leave Melbourne at the end of the season. If Bennett chooses to finish his current deal, Bellamy would have to sit out next season to take up a deal with the Broncos in 2020. Boyd admits he was shocked to learn that Bennett might be leaving the Broncos. “It has surprised me a little bit, but in saying that, it is a business,” Boyd said. “Whatever way you look at it, if that is the end for Wayne then obviously the club are looking for a succession plan and if not, then Wayne has plenty more years to coach depending on how it all works out.” The Brisbane fullback didn’t think the talk surrounding his future was having a negative effect on Bennett. “Wayne doesn’t change, he has been the same since I have known him,” Boyd said. “The Broncos are a famous club with a proud history and whenever there are media reports there will be a lot of back and forth, but Wayne keeps to himself quietly and goes about his business the way he always does.”
  15. THE decision by Mark Waugh to step down from the national selection panel when his contract expires in August gives Cricket Australia a chance to rethink the structure of the national selection panel and the role of High Performance manager Pat Howard. The first change implemented should be that the selectors are forbidden from taking a role in the commentary box while being a selector. It is not a good mix being a selector and commentator. Every opinion put forth is dissected, and a mere slip of the tongue by a selector about a player can be viewed as coming straight from the panel. Mark Waugh had to constantly juggle the two roles and on one occasion Kevin Pietersen took Waugh to task about his omission of Glenn Maxwell from the Australian team during the Big Bash coverage. It may be good for viewers but not for the image of the selection panel. These discussions should be private between the selectors and player. The other national selectors Trevor Hohns and Greg Chappell rarely speak in public except after squads are announced which is the best way to go about it. The next change should be making some of the selectors full-time. With cricket now having three formats to select add to that the increasing amount of cricket being played the role deserves full-time attention. England have made recent changes by restructuring their selection panel to bring in a scouting system with a minimum of 12 ‘discipline specific’ scouts to report to the selectors. Australia do not want to fall behind England in this regard and our selectors should be given the necessary resources to keep abreast of all the cricket action and players no matter the format. When Waugh finishes up, a full-time selector with a scouting network should be established like the role Ed Smith has recently been given in England. It could not come soon enough as Australia have to prepare for a 50 over and a 20 over World Cup and an Ashes in England next year. The other position that should be assessed is that of High Performance Manager, Pat Howard. Howard has been in the position since 2011 and has presided over two of the most controversial events in Australian cricket ‘HomeworkGate’ and ‘SandpaperGate’. While Howard is not to blame for both events but, in his current role, some of the responsibility for how the events were handled should rest with him. Now is the time for far reaching changes to Australian cricket. Replace Pat Howard with someone who can drive cultural change and install a new scouting selection system that is more in line with the professionalism required in the modern game. Howard was re-signed for a further two years in 2017 by Cricket Australia and at the time CA chief executive James Sutherland said, “Pat is a dynamic, passionate executive and the board and I are delighted that he has agreed to extend his term as Cricket Australia’s Executive General Manager of Team Performance until 2019”.