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  1. ASUS has launched the 6GB RAM variant of the popular ZenFone Max Pro (M1) in India. Priced at INR 14,999 ($218), the ZenFone Max Pro is the only phone in India to be priced under the INR 15,000 mark to have a Snapdragon 636 processor and 6GB of memory. The new variant will be available alongside the previous ones exclusively on Flipkart. It will go on sale starting Thursday, July 26. Apart from the memory, the 6GB variant is identical to the other two variants. You can read our preview here.
  2. The date for the Samsung Galaxy Note9 launch is fast approaching, so naturally, the company is preparing for the device's launch. In fact Samsung is already planning to start the pre-orders in South Korea. At least according to one of the posts on Twitter showing off the Galaxy Note9 banners. However, we expect the device to launch globally with a price pretty similar to Note8's, which is somewhat expected considering the minor upgrade the Note9 will bring over its predecessor.
  3. If the original Google Pixel has been on your mind, Woot! is giving you two different ways to purchase the phone. You can buy a new unit in the box with a price tag reading $299.99 for the model with 32GB of native storage, or pay $349.00 for the 128GB variant. At those prices you are saving 54% and 50% respectively, off of Woot!'s regular prices. You can have any color you want as long as you want Quite Black. And the device will work with Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile and AT&T. Now, if you're buying this as a placeholder until the Pixel 3 is released later this year, or you just want to save some money generally, Woot! is offering a refurbished 32GB Pixel for $199.99. Available in Quite Black only, these previously used handsets are in working condition, but do have some dents, scratches and wear. However, if these models looked as good as they work, the price wouldn't be as low. Shipping is free to Amazon Prime members, and there is a limit of 10 units per customer. There are only two days left for you to buy the refurbished Pixel handsets, and the deal on the new units goes off the board in 12 days.
  4. Back in January, AT&T announced plans to launch its 5G network commercially in a total of 12 cities by the end of the year, although it initially refused to name any of them. Eventually, the company revealed that the first three would be Dallas, Atlanta, and Waco, and today the number 2 carrier has confirmed that Charlotte, Raleigh, and Oklahoma City will also be receiving the service. While no specific launch date has been announced for the next-generation network, the company has confirmed that its deliberately choosing an assortment of bigger and smaller cities in the hope of providing its services to a wider range of users which, in turn, will provide the company with much needed feedback in regards to how the network functions in different locations. After all, unlike the current 4G LTE networks, the new 5G solution has a much smaller range which means a higher number of cell towers will be required. In fact, AT&T is currently developing so-called small cells which occupy very minimal amounts of space and can be placed everywhere from storefronts to lamp posts. AT&T is adamant that it’s still on track to launch its 5G network by the end of this year, but it remains to be seen how many consumers will have access to it within these names locations. After all, despite the presence of 5G, there is currently a huge lack of devices that support the technology. In fact, most smartphone manufacturers aren’t expected to ship 5G smartphones until next year at the very earliest.
  5. Windows 7’s Looming End-of-Support Is Yet to Have an Impact on Windows 10 Adoption Rate Microsoft’s Windows 10 numbers have always been riddled with confusion and over ambitiousness. The company announced meeting the milestone of 600 million active devices back in November, last year. Since then, the next 100 million chunk has taken quite a time and a lot of “nearly” statements from the Redmond software maker. First, Terry Myerson accidentally dropped this number when he talked about leaving Microsoft back in March. Microsoft then supported these numbers during its Build 2018 Developer conference but clarified that it’s “nearly” not over 700 million. Then last month, Microsoft officially said that Windows 10 was powering over 700 million active devices. The Windows maker then rolled that back too saying it was an accident. Microsoft is still using “nearly” with Windows 10’s 700 million userbase Microsoft released its earnings report yesterday and held its Q4 FY2018 analyst call that revealed Windows 10 is yet to hit that 700 million target. This raises the question about what numbers make Microsoft use “nearly” when it has been 4 months since the company first hinted that nearly 700 million active devices were running its latest operating system. Does it mean the growth is at a standstill? The company says active devices are machines that have been active in the past 28 days, including Windows 10 powered PCs, tablets, Xbox consoles, phones, HoloLens, and Surface Hub products. ZDNet reported that according to the company’s Investor Relations, “impact from the looming Windows 7 end-of-support date of January 2020 still has not yet had a material impact on Windows 10’s uptake.” It is likely that Microsoft might see a significant hike in growth rate as organizations are forced to upgrade to Windows 10 just before the support for Windows 7 officially ends. That could also finally help the company meet its initial goal of having Windows 10 run on 1 billion active devices.
  6. A celebrity Brazilian plastic surgeon known as Dr Bumbum has been arrested after four days on the run following the death of one of his patients. Police say Dr Denis Furtado was detained in Rio de Janeiro thanks to an anonymous tip. His patient Lilian Calixto died following injections he gave her to enlarge her buttocks. Dr Furtado faces murder charges. His mother was also arrested and is accused of being an accomplice. Investigators say Dr Furtado carried out the procedure on Ms Calixto, a 46-year-old bank manager and mother-of-two, at his home in Rio de Janeiro - but she fell ill during the procedure. Dr Furtado took her to a hospital where her condition worsened and she died some hours later, police said. Local media reported that she arrived at the hospital suffering from an abnormally fast heart rate. Dr Furtado then disappeared. On Wednesday his lawyer said he was innocent and had not turned himself in to police because he was panicking. In a video posted on social media after his arrest on Thursday, Dr Furtado said Ms Calixto's death had been a "fatal accident" and said he had performed 9,000 such procedures and that they were legal in Brazil. The 45-year-old has appeared on Brazilian television and had nearly 650,000 followers on his Instagram account. Ms Calixto had travelled 2,000km (1,250 miles) from her home in Cuiabá, central Brazil, to undergo buttock enhancement by Dr Furtado on Saturday evening, reports said. The procedure, believed to involve the injection of acrylic glass filler, took place at his apartment in the upmarket district of Barra de Tijuca. Police said Dr Furtado's girlfriend has been arrested on suspicion of taking part in the procedure. The Regional Medical Council of the State of Rio de Janeiro (Cremerj) said it had opened an investigation into Ms Calixto's death. Niveo Steffen, president of the Brazilian Plastic Surgery Society, said there was a "growing invasion of non-specialists" in the industry. "You cannot perform plastic surgery inside an apartment," he told AFP news agency. "Many people are selling a dream, a fantasy to patients in an unethical way and people, weakened, are often attracted to low prices, without considering whether or not the conditions are adequate." Dr Furtado has a large online following through various social media accounts. Aside from his now-deleted popular Instagram page, he is also very active on Facebook - filling his page with before-and-after shots of buttocks procedures - and on YouTube, where he presents advice on everything from endometriosis to low-carb diets. In one social media post, he said he was given the name Dr Bumbum by his clients and had embraced it as a term of affection.
  7. THERE’S still no word on whether pigs can fly — but you aren’t going mad if you spot a whale soaring past your window anytime soon because Airbus’s Beluga XL aircraft — nicknamed the “whale in the sky” has taken off for the first time. It took off from Toulouse Airport in France this morning for its maiden flight. A crowd of more than 10,000 people, mostly employees and subcontractors of the European aircraft manufacturer, applauded as it took to the skies. Airbus staff waved flags as the Beluga prepared for its test flight. The plane has been designed to move oversized aircraft components and has an extra 30 per cent capacity on the current Beluga planes that it will replace. This new plane is six metres longer and a metre wider, which means it can carry two A350 XWB plane wings instead of one. This extra space in the “bubble section” and the new lowered cockpit — which makes space for a main deck with direct cargo loading capabilities — is what gives the plane its unique appearance. In a nod to its whale-like shape, Airbus have painted a whale’s mouth and eyes on the side of the nose. The plane, which weighs 125 tonnes, can carry up to 53 tonnes in the hold for a distance of more than 4,000 kilometres. To power such a heavy aircraft, there are two Rolls-Royce Trent 700 Turbofan engines — both with a thrust of 316 kN. The Beluga XL program was launched in November 2014, with this oversized transporter to be used for carrying complete sections of Airbus aircraft from different production sites around Europe to the final assembly lines in Toulouse, France and Hamburg, Germany. Tim Orr, head of branding at Airbus, said: “The six designs we proposed for consideration by employees respected our brand identity while running from the conventional to the unconventional, even adding a touch of fun.” Airbus’s Twitter account tweeted: “Whale, whale, whale … that’s a lovely day for a maiden flight don’t you think.” There will be five of the whale-shaped planes put into service in the future.
  8. OLYMPIC figure skating medallist Denis Ten has been killed, and prosecutors in Kazakhstan said they were treating the case as murder. Ten was stabbed after a dispute with people who allegedly tried to steal a mirror from his car in his home city of Almaty, Kazakh news agencies reported. Doctors in Almaty say the 25-year-old skater died in the hospital there. Born in Kazakhstan to a family of Korean descent, Ten’s bronze at the Winter Olympics in Sochi in 2014 made him Kazakhstan’s first medallist in figure skating. American Olympic figure skater Adam Rippon called Ten an “inspiration to me and so many other people.” “Denis, thank you for showing us how to be a champion,” he said. “Your time with us was way too short. Love you forever.” Canadian skater Patrick Chan, who won silver in the same competition, said on Twitter he was “honoured and grateful to have shared the ice” with Ten. “One of the most beautiful skaters to have graced our sport. My thoughts are with his family during this unimaginable time.” The International Skating Union said it was “deeply saddened” by news of Ten’s death. “His shining achievements brought glory to our country and helped popularise sport among young people,” Kazakhstan President Nursultan Nazarbayev said. “Denis was not only an excellent athlete, whose talents was recognised and honoured in many countries of the world, but also a remarkable personality and a true patriot of Kazakhstan.” Ten also won the Four Continents championships in 2015, and was a world championship silver medallist in 2013. Ten struggled with injuries in recent years and could manage only 27th at the PyeongChang Olympics in February. Ten hadn’t formally retired from skating, but in recent months he’d often spoken of his studies in economics and his plans to write a movie script. “Independently of what happens in the future, I realise that I had a great career, where everything happened — highs and lows, medals and disappointments, nice memories and not so nice ones, unique events, meetings and many magical things,” Ten said in September in an interview with the ISU website. “Somewhere I realise that I was a really lucky person with a quite fulfilled sports life.”
  9. IF you’ve ever wanted to be a superhero, now’s your chance to live out that dream… as long as you have $450,000 to spare. An Iron Man “gravity flight suit” created by British inventor Richard Browning has gone on sale in London Department store Selfridges. The jet suit has five miniature jet engines mounted to the arms and back of the suit, using diesel or jet fuel to launch it off the ground. The suit has a Guinness World Record for the high speeds it’s able to master, recording speeds of up to 50km/h and climbing almost 4000m from the ground. The size and weight of the suit limits the amount of fuel it can carry, and consuming about four litres every minute while flying it can only sustain around three minutes in the air. The company is looking to boost the flight time but it’s likely to only increase to about nine minutes as a consequence of not having wings. The suit takes off vertically and has a jet pack for propulsion, with the creator saying the feel of flying in the suit is smooth and surprisingly not very violent. “It’s very passive and gentle when you’re flying it,” Browning said. Only nine of the exorbitantly priced suits are available to be purchased, with the price tag including a course on how to fly it.
  10. PLANS to hold a charity match for former Perth Glory player Liam Miller, who died of cancer in February, have been disrupted by a conflict of sporting codes in his home town. Supporters had hoped to play a fund-raising match on September 25 for his family — featuring former Republic of Ireland, Manchester United and Celtic players at Páirc Uí Chaoimh, the biggest sporting stadium in Miller’s hometown of Cork — but the rules of the Gaelic Athletic Association which owns the 45,000-capacity venue which usually hosts hurling and gaelic football contests, means the game will have to be played at the Turners Cross soccer ground which can only hold 7000 fans. The Independent.ie reported that the GAA’s Rule 5.1 (a) that prohibits use of property for any games other than those controlled by the association. A move to change the rule was defeated at the GAA’s annual congress in 2016, meaning any motion to change the rules regarding the use of GAA property cannot be submitted again until 2020. The GAA’s main stadium, Croke Park in Dublin which with a capacity of 82,300 is Europe’s third biggest stadium, has in the past hosted soccer and rugby internationals and is due to be used as a venue for the 2023 Rugby World Cup. The GAA’s reluctance to allow other sporting codes at its venues stems from its origins in the late 19th century when it sought to protect Irish cultural and sporting activities from the threat of what it called “foreign games”. Its players were not permitted to play sports such as soccer, rugby and cricket which were derided as “garrison games” and members of the police and British armed forces were banned from membership of the GAA. Those bans have since been lifted. Miller, who died of of pancreatic cancer at the age of 36, played 44 games for Perth Glory between 2011-2013. He also played for Glasgow Celtic, Manchester United, Leeds, Sunderland, QPR and Hibernian before moving to the A-League where he also played for Brisbane Roar and Melbourne Victory. He was capped 21 times for the Republic of Ireland.
  11. A MODEL has sparked outrage by posting a pouting selfie with the corpse of her dead dad in a hospital bed behind her. Jelica Ljubicic took the picture while her father could be seen laying behind her. Local media in Serbia reported the man had died shortly before the image was taken. With his head slumped to one side Jelica was branded "sick" for posting the picture. She wrote: "Dad...rest in peace. We have fought as much as we can, but it is not our will. "We don't decide how long we will live. He left us in the 67th year of life. "Thank you for everything, I am grateful for being your daughter and having you as my father. She added: "Thank you for bringing us to the right path. Rest in peace, you will always stay in our hearts." Jelica - who describes herself as a singer and a model - was forced to remove the image after a backlash online. One wrote: "Only a sick person can do this." While someone else said: "I can’t believe what am I reading and seeing. No, there is no hope for this world." Another added: "This is how much she cares for her father she has the time and strength to take photos."
  12. A HEARTBROKEN daughter has told how her cancer-hit dad took his own life after being hounded by bailiffs who threatened to repossess his home over a £70,000 debt. Nigel Hurst, 56, initially owed just £2,203 however eventually his debts escalated to £70,000 and before his death he was paying monthly fees of £800 in a bid to repay the sum. In October last year his body was found, and he left a note to daughters Jessica, 26, and Sally, 20, explaining his decision. It read: "It breaks my heart to write this. I love you with all my heart. "I have been so unhappy in my personal life for so long, I cannot go on. Now I am about to lose my house as well as my self respect, I have decided to go. "Do not grieve for me for long. Passing for me will be a huge relief. "I love you both and will always be with you." Following the death of their father - who had been battling cancer since 2004 - bailiffs gave his daughters just a few hours over Christmas to collect sentimental items from the home which is now under their control. Jessica shared the note with the Daily Record in a bid to expose the impact which bailiffs can have on people's lives. She said: "This debt pushed my father in to taking his own life. It is utterly disgusting and inhumane. "The amount of pressure that had put on him was unbearable. No human being was going to withstand that as well as having cancer. It is just not fair." The family later learned that Nigel had been living with no heating or water. He had also lost teeth through cancer treatment, but could not afford to replace them. Nigel took his life just three days after dropping Jessica off at The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland in Glasgow, where she is studying to be an opera singer. She said: "He was very quiet in the car that day which was unlike him. Then he stayed all day with me to help me unpack. Now I realise why." In a bid to keep the family home - valued at £140,000 - Jessica offered to pay £40,000 in March but the debt firm BDO UK refused. BDO UK said: "On Wednesday, October 4, 2017, a court bailiff and agent were due to meet Mr Hurst and the property handed over. "Unfortunately, the tragic discovery of Mr Hurst’s death was made. "BDO have waived their statutory entitlement to be paid all their fees, and have been in contact with the other stakeholders in an endeavour to minimise the bankruptcy liabilities and costs."
  13. A MAN has been arrested on suspicion of murder after a young mum died outside her parents' restaurant in Lawless London. The victim, 24, named locally as Lilia Djairine, was attacked in a flat above the pizza shop in Hanwell, West London. Horrified locals said two men carried her out the flat after a woman began screaming at the doorway. Police and paramedics then treated her at the scene but sadly she couldn't be saved and was pronounced dead at 12.50pm yesterday. A 28-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of murder and is being quizzed by detectives at a north London police station. Chilling pictures of the scene showed a buggy within the police cordon, which locals believe belongs to Lilia's young daughter. A man - understood to be her boyfriend Francisco - was also seen crying close to the L'oro di Napoli pizza restaurant where the mum-of-one was knifed. One neighbour, Quais Athek, said Francisco was so in love with her he had her name tattooed on his arm. He added: "I've known her since she opened the shop two years ago. Her boyfriend was always there." Witness James Cooling said he heard someone screaming at about midday before stricken Lilia was brought downstairs. The 35-year-old said: "A lady was screaming and going absolutely crazy and I think they had two people who just walked by. "I think she got the two men off the street, members of the public. "The men were trying to resuscitate her." He added to Sun Online: "When they brought her out, she was already lifeless. She was dead before she was taken out the house." A neighbour, who asked not to be named, said: "They live above the restaurant. It was horrible. I walked past them giving her CPR on my way to the gym. "They were trying their best, but they couldn't save her." One resident described her as “a lovely person, a really nice girl.” Another neighbour, carrying two bouquets of flowers, said: "It's absolutely shocking. It's not on. "The girl was really lovely, and she has a beautiful little girl." in Lloyds ad Metropolitan Police figures show that knife crime has surged by 16 per cent as London's crime epidemic continues. So far in 2018 there have been 1,296 stabbings in London up to the end of April. In February more than 250 knives and swords were seized across London in just one week and 283 people, many of them teenagers, were arrested for carrying them. Anyone with information on the Hanwell stabbing is requested to call police on 101 quoting reference CAD 3314/19July or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.
  14. A SCHOOLGIRL killed herself after chatting on a suicidal chatroom on the dark web. Leilani Clarke, 16, felt like she had "no hope" after receiving disappointing mock GCSE results - turning to the internet's underworld that preys on the vulnerable, an inquest was told. The night before the teen's death, Leilani had spoken to her mother about her results at their Bournemouth, Dorset, home - heading upstairs and logging into the dark online chatroom. The next morning, she was found dead. Giving evidence at the inquest, mum Bonnie said: "I have no idea how she found it but a 16-year-old girl should not have been on a website like that. "I'd had words with her that night about her exam results and she took herself off to her bedroom after dinner. "When I went to bed I put my head in the door and said goodnight but got no response. "I very rarely told her off and just assumed she was being a teenager." She said it wasn't until the next morning that she checked on her daughter, finding her collapsed in her bedroom. Paramedics had rushed to the home on February 7, but couldn't save Leilani. The inquest into Leilani's death heard the Twynham School student had drunk a small amount of vodka in her room on the night of her death. Her mum was also able to trace the teen's suicidal thoughts back to September last year - five months before she killed herself. A notebook was also discovered containing a cartoon alter ego, through which she expressed a number of suicidal thoughts. The Dorset coroner, Rachel Griffin, said the case highlighted the dangers of the dark web, labelling it "the internet's underworld" Mrs Griffin said "Leilani hadn't sought help from friends and family but encouragement from horrendous websites which prey on the vulnerable. "Leilani was a beautiful, bright and creative 16-year-old who had her whole future ahead of her. "She was a girl who clearly had very distressing thoughts for some time. The reason was worries in relation to her studies and education, which were compounded when she received her mock GCSE results. "Finally I just want to say to the Bonnie and the family how sorry I am for your loss, as a mother myself I cannot even begin to imagine the loss you must feel." After the hearing Mrs Mellor, who runs her own dog walking service, warned other parents of the dangers of the dark web. She said: "Lani was our sunshine - a funny, beautiful and gifted daughter and we will miss her forever. "We are broken hearted that she felt unable to share the things which were troubling her. "It is so important to keep the discussion going on mental illness so those struggling feel they can reach out and get help instead of suffering in silence."