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  1. That’s because you didn’t buy from a trusted seller like Ethan. PTP invites are not available all the time so maybe you should ask for at least a proof which shows that they have them in stock.
  2. Yo I want to apply for pornbits @The Lich
  3. Yeah don't know what happen there. Still seems to be unconnectable.
  4. Nice givaway @Nergal. I want to apply.
  5. That's sad to hear, RIP Ian Holm.
  6. So yeah, wondering which is the best chinese tracker now. Already on M-team. Heard about some other like Ourbits or TTG, CHD,....... but don't know which is the best.
  7. Yo @Rainbow, I apply for the invite. Thank you very much. Good givaway.
  8. Well @ckovi if you have read the review of BakaBT, you know that there is really little or no Funimation stuffs on there, so that's one of the minus for me. But trust me, everything on BakaBT are high quality scanned manga and good encoded anime although the library is not too large. I still recommend u2 tho since they have good internals and quality bluray. But it's quite hard to obtain an invite so just go for BakaBT first. Until AnimeBytes open their doors again, you can choose bakabt or u2 for replacement. Oh and just one more thing, maitaining a ratio on u2 is not so hard since they have lots of Freeleech daily. But BakaBT in my opinion is harder.
  9. u2, most probably. AnimeTorrents is kind of a left-out tracker on the Avistaz network. The owners don't even mind updating the web UI of AnimeTorrents.
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