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  1. Hello my friends, I have a 1x JPOPSUKI invite to giveaway, so if you are interested let me know down bellow (NO PM) Leave a positive feedback if you get the invite Good Luck
  2. Tracker Name - 420Project Tracker URL - http://420project.org/ Speedtest - https://www.speedtest.net/result/13756672686 Comments - Can someone please invite me to 420Project ? thank you very much
  3. movies and games (only what I will use)
  4. bodyweight exercises are harder but more fun
  5. thank you all my friends I love this place
  6. yes always then I move to private if I can't find what I am looking for...
  7. 1337x best public tracker out there hands down
  8. From this list I would say Hannibal Lecter
  9. as most people here I also use qbittorrent, the best client
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