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  1. Hello, @bn1897 I would like to apply also, been looking for CinemaGeddon for a long time now. Proofs ready when you need. Thanks.
  2. Hmm I would say at least 1TB a month on my home torrent client, as for my seedbox I have not utilized it to its full potential this time around I only have 800GB worth of data stored half has been downloaded via ftp into personal storage i'll remove a lot of unwanted files from it as the intention was to buff accounts while I still have a process queue of 300GB from a 0day ftp server (0 Downloaded at the moment) and Jdownloader has a curated list of 4.76TB worth of content from premium file hosts of that 4.76 only 1.1TB has been processed and downloaded there is also the issue of web downloads along with use of chinese Thunder Client & Baidu cloud downloads. So I would say 1.8TB to 2.9TB of carefully named content has been downloaded this month give or take. If only my home connection speed was better :( there is also the issue of storage which always comes to bite me in the ass. Bandwidth wise as I re-read the question is a tough one for me to answer as my internet speed sure is random at times. One moment im pulling 9Mbps next min I could be only pulling 800kbps (would like to change to the highest fibre package but circumstances prevent that at the moment). At least I think this is accurate, strange indeed.
  3. Animebytes.tv | AB | Anime | 2020 Review Tracker Name: Animebytes Tracker URL: Animebytes.tv Tracker Genre: Anime Tracker Type: Ratio Based Tracker Signup: Closed / Invite Only Seed Difficulty: Medium Bonus System: Yes Tracker IRC: irc.animebytes.tv #animebytes Description Animebytes is a large tracker specializing in Anime, Printed Media, Games, liveshows and music it is a difficult tracker to get into but once your in you will be exposed to torrents that are of exceptional quality, stats are visible in the screenshots below. The tracker has many freeleech torrents available for you to download and build up a ratio while earning yourself some nice bonus points for seeding. The bonus points store has many items that you can spend your points on (see below) . The community here is very friendly and helpful and you can also gain a variety of different achievements when participating in various activities . HOME Torrents Requests Screenshots Upload Forums WIKI Rules Statistics Donations Bonus Store Ratings Content: 9/10 Speed: 9/10 Pretimes: 9/10 Community: 10/10 Overall: 9/10
  4. Tracker Name: Netcosmo.it Genre: General Review (If Any) Sign Up Link: http://netcosmo.it/sbg_login_new.php Closing Time: N/A Additional Information: Italian Tracker
  5. Tracker Name: DVDSEED.EU Genre: Movies Review (If Any) Sign Up Link: http://www.dvdseed.eu/register.php Closing Time: After 49 Accounts have been Accepted Additional Information: Polish Tracker UPDATE: The Tracker is now Closed.
  6. RevolutionTT | General | 2020 Review Tracker Name: RevolutionTT Tracker URL: https://revolutiontt.me Tracker Genre: General/0day Tracker Type: Ratio Based Tracker Registration: Closed/Invite Only Seed Difficulty: Hard Tracker Description RevolutionTT has been running since 2006, this tracker specializes in scene releases and has excellent pre-times their largest torrent is 791GB and the tracker has 5150 pages to browse through (257527 torrents). genres include the following Anime Appz/Misc Appz/PC-ISO E-Book Games/PC-ISO Games/PC-Rips Games/PS3 Games/Wii Games/XBOX360 Handheld/NDS Handheld/PSP Mac Movies/BluRay Movies/DVDR Movies/HDx264 Movies/Packs Movies/SDx264 Movies/XviD Music Music/FLAC Music/Packs MusicVideos TV/DVDR TV/HDx264 TV/Packs TV/SDx264 TV/XViD XXX XXX/0DAY XXX/DVDR XXX/HD Speeds are extremely fast on this tracker however one drawback is it is exceptionally hard to maintain and build ratio without donating. If you are a resident of these countries then you may get banned should you get invited, Algeria, Brazil, Egypt, India, Iran, Israel, Pakistan, Portugal, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Turkey. Login Screen Home Browse Cinema Requests Forum Donate
  7. KaraGarga | KG | Movies | 2020 Review Tracker Name: Karagarga Genre: Movies Tracker Type: Ratio Based Tracker URL: https://karagarga.in/ Tracker Registration: Closed/Invite only Tracker Description: Karagarga is a tracker that has a huge repository of old films consisting of silent movies, surreal movies, art house, rare films and many more it does not only consist of movies it has documentary programs, literature and music sections. It is exceptionally good for subtitles as the user base have done a magnificent job at translating a lot of foreign films into English the quality of uploads varies if you find 1 film of low quality you will most likely find the same film in a much higher quality which is always nice. They have a freeleech section consisting of 25 - 30 torrents (changes often) that allow you to build a nice ratio their largest torrent size consists of 301GB and they have 13152 pages available to browse through. Currently the invite system is closed although management and possibly uploaders can invite new users. Perhaps a bit of social engineering may get you in ;) HOME Browse Masters Of The Month Upload Requests Forum Contact Details Help Community: 9/10 Content: 9/10 Speed: 7/10 Tracker Rating: 8/10
  8. Hello, The invitation system for karagara has been closed for some time now, you will most likely need to buy an account with email. Good luck hope you find someone willing to sell.
  9. Hello, I have an account on this tracker that you could use as I now have other sources for applications, however unfortunately the site is pretty dead these days so there are not many uploads nor is there much activity anymore. if you'd like to check it out let me know.
  10. I also would like to apply @Rainbow like+rep added. Thanks
  11. Nice giveaway @cryterion I would like to apply also. oops looks like im late to the party.
  12. One more invite left over for someone into Aussie football. Check out Ulquiorra's excellent review over here Aussierul.es
  13. Invite Giveaway: Currently have 2 spare aussierul.es invite to give out. Apply here, Press the like button and leave positive feedback when done. Enjoy!
  14. I think this has passed. Thanks for your efforts tho :)
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