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  1. Tracker Name: Speed.CD Genre: General Review (If Any) https://www.invitehawk.com/topic/120262-speedcd-spd-general-2020-review Sign Up Link: https://speed.cd/login.php Closing Time: N/A Additional Information: May recieve a few lines of code upon signup, just ignore it and confirm your email.
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W6OJhuH7PD0 Anybody going to be playing this? Im a big fan of the movies and so this will probably be the only game I have pre-ordered in a very long time, I tend not to buy games based on movies due to past experiences but im looking forward to this and hope its got every thing im looking for.
  3. Arrg pirates don't answer those sort of questions *_*
  4. That sucks getting banned, if the entire invite tree has been banned then you wont have any luck in getting back in or disputing it, the mods in irc will probably just string you along and you will waste time anything to do with trading is not social engineerable and is severely frowned upon. Best thing to do would be to move on to other trackers for bit till you can source another invite to bib, change IP, change email n username upon registration again. If the invite came from bonus store then I might may be screwed also as I bought the last invite but not received it and probably wont now lol.
  5. Hey @bn1897 very nice giveaway, I would like to apply to m-team. I have given a like for your topic. Cheers!
  6. Nice giveaway @AtlAntA I would like to apply if possible, Like has been given. Cheers! :)
  7. Yes animebytes does have RAW BDMV materials, in the advanced search options you can set a filter to find those particular torrents.
  8. Hello there, nice giveaway again, I would like to apply to this one as I have a few danish friends @Rainbow A like has been added for you. Cheers!
  9. Nice giveaway! although I do not apply
  10. Hey @MrShooter I would like to receive the invitation to trancetraffic. A Like has been added for you. Cheers!
  11. Tracker Name: HDTIME Genre: Movies Review (If Any) Sign Up Link: http://hdtime.org/signup.php Closing Time: N/A Additional Information: Chinese tracker,
  12. Hello, @bn1897 I would like to apply also, been looking for CinemaGeddon for a long time now. Proofs ready when you need. Thanks.
  13. Hmm I would say at least 1TB a month on my home torrent client, as for my seedbox I have not utilized it to its full potential this time around I only have 800GB worth of data stored half has been downloaded via ftp into personal storage i'll remove a lot of unwanted files from it as the intention was to buff accounts while I still have a process queue of 300GB from a 0day ftp server (0 Downloaded at the moment) and Jdownloader has a curated list of 4.76TB worth of content from premium file hosts of that 4.76 only 1.1TB has been processed and downloaded there is also the issue of web downloads along with use of chinese Thunder Client & Baidu cloud downloads. So I would say 1.8TB to 2.9TB of carefully named content has been downloaded this month give or take. If only my home connection speed was better :( there is also the issue of storage which always comes to bite me in the ass. Bandwidth wise as I re-read the question is a tough one for me to answer as my internet speed sure is random at times. One moment im pulling 9Mbps next min I could be only pulling 800kbps (would like to change to the highest fibre package but circumstances prevent that at the moment). At least I think this is accurate, strange indeed.
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