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  1. Tracker Name - Desi.cd Tracker URL - https://desi.cd/ Speedtest - 100 Comments - Greetings fellow tracker heads, I am currently looking for a desi.cd invite, I would be most grateful and will no doubt assist the user that grants the invite in their time of need should they have a request. ps. please do not pm offering to sell, I do not purchase invites. Thanks for your help.
  2. Hey there @alexstay I would like to apply to this giveaway if possible. Thanks
  3. Hello, I currently have Xthor, MTV, Nebulance, AlphaRatio invites available (I will have other high quality tracker invites at the end of the month my seedbox needs a good kick) and would like to trade for one of these 3 trackers Desi.cd, Oppaitime, Music-Vid. Please allow 7 days before a reply to pm as I would like to take all offers into consideration. If you have others (invite only nzb sites, DDL sites, FTP servers) Always welcoming you. or obscure trackers. Feel free to send a pm my way and I will check my file. I look forward to doing business once again. I Can also offer cyberlocker link conversion in exchange for invite please see and click Excel Sheet for file hosts & debrid accounts - Excel Sheet Thanks
  4. Welcome Pirates Giveaway Guidelines: 1 ) Provide Like on post or add reputation. 2). Mention my username @Hoarder 3) Give +1 Positive Feedback after you received the invite. 4 ) I may ask for proofs - p.s dont burn the account/invite & At least login every 20 days. 5) Please do not use same username that you use on here or email address. 6) Must have more than ten posts or replies All invites will be distributed on a 1st come 1st serve basis. Enjoy
  5. Nice Give away, just noticed I have an account already O_O I do not apply.
  6. Tracker Name: Casa-Torrent Genre: General Review (If Any ) N/A Sign Up Link: https://casa-torrent.be/account-signup.php Closing Time: 4/11/18 Additional Information: French Tracker
  7. I was banned from BTN in 2013 due to the T-I database hack, hehe I tried recently to get my account unbanned and they attempted to extract from me my big list of trackers I am a member of, obviously I said that was not happening unless I have my account unbanned and through many cautious verbal exchanges unfortunately no success due to them being a bunch of drips. Most recently I lost all my .click accounts due to a vpn issue my own fault really ahh well, the scripts they have running are interesting I have managed to create a new .click account on one of their sites which was a bit problematic as I have 3 new registrations disabled immediately and although I am irritated by the disabling of my vault and occult account, they are just trackers which come and go, so the files will surface elsewhere in time not to mention ill just create a new account. Tracker staff seem to have lost the meaning of the word pirate. I have many issues with trackers and their silly rules and mostly I hate the people that put them on pedestals. I personally like to perform and excel at siteripping and cracking DRM but trackers make it a bit difficult to perform a site rip even with a global freeleech. so the ones that benefit are the ones at the top or the oldest users( I am aware of the economics of trackers and the issues they face I have read many whitepapers/documents regarding P2P interesting reads although always to be taken with a grain of salt just like what is said about the "Scene") anyways that is why I will never ever upload any content on certain trackers with crazy rules and rude staff that think they are in a special club i'll happily share content on some trackers damn ill even donate but the ones people obsess over, will never see my files they will just see me stealing (please note I have never got angry with staff (although could be fun hehe) I find just a bit of a social engineering is the key when something goes wrong. Anyways I hope they rot and they can shove their deluded ideas of community where the sun don’t shine ) not to mention their PRISM style database is a major concern and fk P2L sites now I know many people will read this and completely disagree and will scream and shout check privileges or you may dislike my take on the idea of community but I’m a pirate!. meh my no sleep rant is now over my apologies for the book and unorthodox ideas/thoughts. Now on to your IP issue. I am not sure who your ISP is but i found a nifty way of forcing the ISP to give me a new IP from their pool I simply force the router to disconnect from the server kind of sever the DSL link so to speak. Now I understand you say they have banned the entire IP range, so if the above option does not work could try creating an account through a 4g connection although these do use proxies I still think you may have a good chance. Also, once you have found the correct methods I’ll just throw this out which I am sure you know just remember to clear cookies, cache etc and don’t use same email address or anything identifiable. I’m sure there are other methods you could try and well worst-case scenario is just wait for ISP contract to end and move provider and I believe the gazelle tracker source code is on GitHub for you to view, check out luminance source code also, I myself am working on a site that while not necessarily a tracker it will utilize many forms of file distribution such as torents and ddl links but it’s a massive project and still has many years to go and some savings might I add I hope for it to be a repository of rare files but that is all I can say about that. Good luck!
  8. which email provider works? tried gmail, yahoo, tutanota, protonmail and last but not least outlook ... seems to love the word banned *_* [Edit] Finally found one O_O
  9. Tracker Name: BTNext Genre: 0Day / General Review (If Any Sign Up Link: http://tracker.btnext.com/?p=signup&pid=16 Closing Time: N/A Additional Information: Portuguese Tracker
  10. Hey @cinematorrent I would also like to apply for this invite, Like has been added. Thanks
  11. Hey @CasuaKennedy I would like to apply for BitHDTv, Like/Rep Has been added. Thanks, Appreciate it.
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