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  1. GREAT giveaway!!! Many thanks! [not applying] Maybe next time, already too many applicants. Regards
  2. @MrShooter Would love to apply for this invite. I am in dire straights looking for a good music site. Many THANKS!
  3. Also applying for invite @Madlox84. Many THANKS!
  4. Greetz @Web-Man Thanks for the consideration. +1Rep given. Let me know of any proofs/profile links/etc. Safe Travels, r1ms.0ne
  5. Greetingz, I would like to apply for this invite Mr. @Madlox84. Please let me know what other requirements you might have: proofs, profile links, etc.? R:i:ms0ne
  6. Found the REP button added. If you have any more invites for this site, I would like to apply. Thanks
  7. I would like to apply for this GA. REP added, thank you much. Edit: wait, where is the REP button?
  8. Ah, thank you.. that was a quick response.
  9. Hello folks. I'm RimsOne, I'm new and looking for friends that don't mind in sharing and don't mind being shared to. This is my introduction so here we go! Tell us something about yourself. [Name, age range, interests, hobbies etc.] How did you find InviteHawk ? What Bit-torrent sites are you looking to get in ? Do you use your InviteHawk username on any tracker ? Do you use same browser for your trackers and InviteHawk ? [ Answer this question with only YES/NO, don't mention what browser you using] Lets see, i've given my pseudonym already. My age is 42, yikes! My interests are.......masterbation (sex if available), technology, vaping, movies, music, percussions, anti-prohibition, hedonism, torrenting and camping. I found IH through Google. Searched for torrent invites and IH showed not too many hits later. I'm looking for adult sites, movies, but specially a music site. No, I don't use this user name on any tracker. Yes