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  1. Google Translation: Many people may not know what hr means. If you have a clock-like pattern next to your username, you will need to read the following carefully. What is hr? Each downloaded seed is automatically credited to an HR entry in the assessment. For the HR in the assessment, within 14 days from the completion of the download, only one of the following requirements must be met: 1: Keep uploading for a total of 48 hours 2: Actual sharing rate of single seed ≥1 Once any of the assessment criteria is reached, the seed automatically becomes the target. (longest day delay) If the above requirements are not met, it will be converted to non-compliance. At this time, only the magic value can be exchanged---the exemption gold medal is changed to the exemption. What if the number of hrs is too large? Users who fail to meet the HR number greater than 5 will be relegated to college freshmen and will not enjoy the full station promotion policy. Users who fail to meet the HR number greater than 20 will be numbered
  2. Not-for-profit Internet service provider LGfL, which supplies broadband to 3,000 UK schools, has agreed to block access to a huge number of pirate sites. The initiative will rely on a database of domains provided by the Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit, preventing students from accessing pirated content. Citizens of the United Kingdom with a taste for free content are becoming more and more familiar with the idea of website blocking. Thousands of ‘pirate’ domains are blocked by major Internet service providers such as Sky, Virgin, TalkTalk, and BT, following legal action from the movie and music industries. These blocking efforts are all officially sanctioned by the High Court via injunction but a new pirate-blocking initiative just announced by the London Grid for Learning (LGfL) appears to be entirely voluntary. Among other things, LGfL – a not-for-profit Charitable Trust – supplies high-speed broadband to around 3,000 schools in the UK. It also has a mission to save schools money and keep children safe. It now appears that will involve preventing them from accessing very large numbers of pirate sites whilst in school. LGfL DigiSafe (LGfL’s ‘safeguarding arm’) has just announced that it will work with the Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit (PIPCU) to ensure that pirate sites are rendered inaccessible to anyone using the LGfL network. The list of domains to be blocked will be obtained from PIPCU’s ‘Infringing Website List’ (IWL), a database of platforms deemed by the authorities to be engaged in copyright infringement. The same list is used by EU advertisers to prevent brand ads appearing on pirate sites, as detailed earlier this month. According to LGfL DigiSafe, blocking the sites will help prevent children and teachers from accessing “risky” content while allowing schools to be more relaxed about the implications of copyright infringement taking place on site. “LGfL DigiSafe is committed to partnering with relevant stakeholders in order to achieve our mission of saving schools money and keeping children safe,” says Mark Bentley, Online Safety and Safeguarding Manager at LGfL DigiSafe. “By working with City of London police to block its List of Infringing Websites to our community of over two million students we not only prevent children accessing inappropriate material but also provide reassurance to senior leaders that this illegal activity cannot be committed on the school site, meaning headteachers do not need to fear liability for copyright infringements.” Detective Constable Steve Salway of PIPCU says that his unit is pleased that LGfL will be keeping students safe by utilizing its database of infringing sites. “The online safety of school children is of paramount importance and our IWL is able to prevent them from viewing inappropriate material. It will also put a stop to them accessing copyright infringing content, leaving London schools with extra peace of mind,” Salway notes. LGfL literature indicates that 97% of London schools are part of its network, meaning that the capital will be the first city in the UK to face an almost complete ‘pirate blackout’ in its schools. Still, with most kids these days spending large amounts of time on legal platforms such as YouTube and Spotify, there shouldn’t be too much of a drought of free media, should pirate sites be eliminated. However, YouTube is often restricted on LGfL’s network too, so the party may be coming to an end, at least for those who don’t have a smartphone and 4G. SOURCE: TorrentFreak
  3. Social networking giant Facebook must pay damages for failing to remove a link to a copyright infringing YouTube video, an Italian court has ruled. The case, which was filed by the Italian media conglomerate Mediaset, centered around a Facebook group where infringing and defamatory clips of the cartoon “Kirarin Revolution” were posted. Similar to other sites that rely on user-generated content, Facebook has to battle a constant stream of unauthorized copyright material. When it comes to targeting infringement, Facebook has rolled out a few anti-piracy initiatives in recent years. The company has a “Rights Manager” tool that detects infringing material automatically. In addition, it also processes some takedown requests manually. Not all of these notices result in a takedown. For a variety of reasons, Facebook may choose not to intervene. In Italy, this resulted in a drawn-out legal battle which has now come to a conclusion at the Court of Rome. The case in question was filed by Mediaset, the media conglomerate founded by former Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi. Mediaset noticed that links to copyrighted clips of the cartoon “Kirarin Revolution” were posted on Facebook. The actual content was hosted by YouTube, but Mediaset’s legal team went after Facebook instead. It asked the social network to remove the postings of a particular Facebook group, which were shared with derogatory comments about the people involved in the show. This week the Court of Rome ruled that Facebook is indeed liable for failing to remove the copyright-infringing hyperlinks. The company was ordered to pay €9,000 in damages as a result. As Facebook is also held liable for defamation, the total damages add up to €35,000. While the damages amount is not groundbreaking, for Mediaset this was a matter of principle. TorrentFreak spoke to Mediaset lawyer Alessandro La Rosa, who handled the case together with colleagues at the Previti law firm. The Court of Rome’s order shows intermediaries such as Facebook can be held liable when they fail to respond in copyright infringement allegations. “Despite Facebook’s role as a passive hosting provider, in this case, it’s obliged to take down and prevent access to illicit information uploaded on its website. The provider is expected to carry out its economic activity with the due diligence that’s reasonably expected to identify and prevent the reported illegal activities,” Mr. La Rosa tells us. Mediaset sent the first notice regarding the infringing activity in 2010, but Facebook decided not to take any action at the time. Although the offensive group was identified, the takedown requests didn’t include a link to the infringing content, Facebook argued. The Court considered this defense but concluded that a link to the infringing hyperlink isn’t necessary. Facebook was alerted to the group and the alleged activities and could have taken action based on this information. “According to the Court, the identification of URL is only technical data which doesn’t coincide with the individual harmful content present on the platform, but only indicates the ‘place’ where this content is found and, therefore, isn’t an indispensable prerequisite for its identification,” Mr. La Rosa says. It’s worth noting that Mediaset never attempted to remove the actual infringing clip from YouTube. Mediaset mostly wanted Facebook to deal with the Facebook group which posted the infringing material in a defamatory context. Mediaset is happy with the outcome according to its legal team. Since the verdict is partly based on EU law, Mr. La Rosa believes that it will help other rightsholders to make a case against Facebook and similar platforms going forward. Facebook is currently considering whether to file an appeal. The company can easily pay the damages, but it may be worried about the broader implications of the ruling. “We are examining the decision of the Court of Rome,” a Facebook spokesperson told Adnkronos in response, adding that it takes the protection of copyright holders “very seriously”. Source: TorrentFreak
  4. More than 80 academics, researchers, lawyers, and other experts have issued an 'emergency statement' urging the government to reconsider the scope of new proposals that would criminalize downloading of any 'pirate' content from the Internet, screenshots included. Since 2012, downloading music and movies that have been illegally placed online has been prohibited in Japan under the country’s Copyright Act. However, the legislation only applies to movies and music, leaving many other copyrighted works exposed. To close this apparent loophole and to protect other content such as still images (manga publications, for example), last year the Cultural Affairs Agency mulled the expansion of Japan’s Copyright Act. Last week, a government panel adopted the policy, recommending that current anti-downloading legislation should be expanded to cover all copyrighted content. With punishments of up to two years in prison and fines of two million yen (US$18,039) on the table, the public clearly needs to know where the line will be drawn. As it stands, however, the recommendations seem absolute. If a user believes something – anything – to be copyrighted and placed online illegally, they are breaking the law by downloading it. Understandably, this is not only causing concern among Internet users, but also those who feel that such a broad law could prevent research, stifle creativity, and cause the public to lose faith in the true purpose of copyright. In an ‘Emergency Statement’ signed by 87 academics, researchers, lawyers, and other experts, the government is urged to think again about the scope of the proposed legislation. Under the current proposals, the group believes that private copying could be rendered illegal, even to the extent of outlawing screenshots for private use. “We believe that the limitation on the right of reproduction for private use purposes has the function of restricting the freedom of information gathering in the private domain. It is a legal foundation that supports the intellectual and cultural activities of individuals, and even Japanese industry,” the signatories write. The group believes that the proposed legislation has been rushed through in a very short time (five meetings in three months), without carefully considering the consequences. They want the authorities to think again, to protect the public interest. Citizens regularly need to take screenshots, copy and paste, and other similar acts in order to educate themselves, exchange opinions, and express themselves. Covering all copyrighted content in all circumstances will prove damaging and counter-productive, the group argues. Importantly, those calling for the proposals to be considered more closely appear to be broadly in favor of tightening up the law to protect rightsholders. However, there are serious concerns over the potential for collateral damage when even snippets of text could be criminalized. To that end, they suggest amendments to the proposals to mandate that it’s only a crime to reproduce copyright works when the act causes real financial damage to content owners, in the case of those who pirate whole movies, music, manga publications, books, and so on. Keeping the proposals as they are would not only be damaging to society as a whole, it could even undermine public faith in the rights system, they add. “Rapid reform of the law exerts an excessive atrophy effect on the freedom to gather information in the private domain. It may also cause the public to lose confidence in the validity of the copyright system,” the statement warns. Only time will tell how the statement will be received in government but as things stand, criminalizing millions of citizens over small-scale and even private copying seems likely to cause more problems than it solves. Source: TorrentFreak
  5. Donation game The prize is right now: 100.66 GigaByte Upload (New - The winners are drawn every Sunday at 4:00 pm) Click here to play with
  6. Helpful information/reminders: - FAQ and RULES -You should have already read them, right? - HIT & RUN GUIDE -Detailed, with pictures even. - PORT FORWARDING ASSISTANCE -Recommended port number between 60000 and 65000. - OPTIMIZE uTORRENT -Tweak your uTorrent for max speed. Easy step-by-step with pictures. - ALLOWED CLIENTS LIST -Set your client to *not* auto-upgrade. Recent changes made. - IRC GUIDE -Getting started and useful scripts. - MULTIPLE ACCTS -Exceptions at Ops discretion only. - SEEDBOXES and KILLER CONNECTIONS -Speeding tickets are a bitch here. - FREE LEECH TORRENTS -Ratio boosters FTW! - SEEDBOX GUIDE -A nice provider comparison. - USER CLASSES - Information on User Classes - MY PROFILE - Allow 18+ content, show spam uploads, etc.
  7. Television shows like their secrecy and the upcoming Lord of the Rings series is no different. Hence, Amazon is getting intense with security surrounding the TV show. The chief of Amazon Studios, Jennifer Salke, has offered an update on the show’s progress and revealed how far Amazon is going to keep its secrets safe, saying: There's a fantastic writers room working under lock and key. They're already generating really exciting material. They're down in Santa Monica. You have to go through such clearance, and they have all their windows taped closed. And there's a security guard that sits outside, and you have to have a fingerprint to get in there, because their whole board is up on a thing of the whole season. When it comes to a project this major, it makes sense. Amazon is taking considerable steps to ensure the security of The Lord of the Rings' series plot, per Jennifer Salke’s interview with THR. One look through a window and someone could see the board (a.k.a. treasure map of plots), take a picture and share it online. You can never be too careful. Game of Thrones took similar measures to ensure its final season did not get spoiled ahead of time. Fingerprint scanners are a huge step in securing the Amazon series’ secrecy. The show is already generating hype and headlines as its ginormous price tag set off a lot of interest. After six major movies, you could probably expect no less. Intense security measures are not all Amazon Studios' chief discussed. Jennifer Salke also answered whether Amazon foresaw itself developing a “mega franchise.” In doing so, she offered further insight into how dedicated everyone is to The Lord of the Rings project. In responding to the question, Salke said: Totally. I mean, look at Lord of the Rings. We get behind a franchise in a major way. The Tolkiens are coming to New York, all those estate holders. The older ladies, who are now, I think, in their 80s and 90s. His daughters and the grandchildren, they're coming to New York, and Jeff Bezos, me, Jeff Blackburn, a team of us are going and they've invited us to a dinner and see some art, some creative work that they haven't shown the world yet. Speaking of exciting: what a meeting! The Tolkiens are heading to New York to talk with Amazon’s top people. It should be an undoubtedly assuring gesture for Lord of the Rings fans hoping the Tolkiens are involved in the series. In keeping with that, it seems Amazon will be getting quite an exclusive with the chance to see some work the Tolkiens have yet to share with the world. What could it be, and will Amazon share it with the rest of the world after they see it? Stay tuned. The Lord of the Rings series is making a lot of progress based on what Jennifer Salke said in her interview. In a sign of the potentially great things to come, Salke’s reply indicates she is happy with what the writing team has so far. Referring to it as “exciting material” is a definite sign of confidence. The show is already getting the promotion treatment from Amazon. Why not get a head start? Not that a franchise as major as The Lord of the Rings needs much help. It can sort of promote itself, at this point. When viewers can expect to see The Lord of the Rings show is a crucial question on the horizon. For now, no premiere date has been set. Many shows await viewers anxiously anticipating the debut of The Lord of the Rings series during the midseason.
  8. Season 14 of Criminal Minds ended on a huge twist in the love department when JJ revealed her longtime love for friend and colleague Reid. Their last scene together in the finale indicated that the story of JJ's feelings for Reid was far from over, and fans of their potential romance had something fun to speculate about over hiatus. Now, however, an outside love interest has been cast for Reid that may not make JJ too happy. Rachael Leigh Cook will appear in Criminal Minds' final season as Reid's love interest. Rachel Leigh Cook of Perception fame will play a woman by the name of Max. A woman with a kind heart and straightforward nature, Max apparently will have plenty of quirks to set herself apart. Cook will appear in at least two of the ten episodes in Criminal Minds' final season. Notably, appearances in more than two episodes have not been ruled out, and filming is currently ongoing. It's entirely possible that there will be more of Max than can be reported now. Although it's too early to guess how exactly Max will fit into (or stick out of) the Reid/JJ dynamic that had to have changed after JJ's bombshell revelation, it sounds to me like Criminal Minds has found a character who may not come across as "the bad guy" for getting in the way of a potential romance. Of course, Reid/JJ shippers who have been hoping for a love connection from the very beginning may not be happy about Max, but nobody should panic just yet. Rachel Leigh Cook could be a fun addition to the show before its final credits roll. Reid may need all the support he can get, depending on how the story with his mom goes down. Even if she wants to be, JJ may not be able to be there for him in the ways he needs. She is after all a seemingly happily married mom. Although the finale didn't end with JJ explicitly reaffirming that she was sincere when she dropped the love bombshell on Reid during a bad guy's twisted game of "Truth or Dare," it wasn't difficult to see that she couldn't take it back. The confession that she's loved him for years is out there. With an outside love interest in the mix and JJ's husband presumably still around, how are they going to handle it? Will Max be impacted by what could be a messy situation? Will JJ and Reid struggle with their professionalism now that the confession is out there? Not too many questions can be answered ahead of the premiere of Season 15, but Criminal Minds head honcho Erica Messer did tell TVLine that the confession is "definitely a huge driver for the first handful of episodes that will help add layers to those characters again." So, whatever goes down between Reid and JJ, don't expect it to be over and done with after just the first couple of episodes! Unfortunately, there's no premiere date set for the fifteenth and final season, so there's no saying how long we'll be waiting to see what happens next. The good news is that there are plenty of solid TV options now and in the not-too-distant future, and you can find them on our midseason TV premiere schedule.
  9. The end is nigh for Game of Thrones, with the eighth and final season only months away from debuting on HBO. Season 8 will be comprised of a mere six episodes, so the odds are that the show will pack a lot into each remaining installment. Well, a cast list for the Season 8 premiere has seemingly leaked, and it includes some names you would totally expect as well as some surprises. Take a look! Obviously it's no surprise to see the names of the actors playing the Lannisters, the Starks, Dany, and the key figures in their various camps in the Season 8 premiere. The two biggest twist inclusions on the list are none other than Tobias Menzies and Lino Facioli. Tobias Menzies plays the unfortunate Edmure Tully, who was the groom at the Red Wedding and lived in wedded bliss just long enough to father a child before he learned of the massacre. After being coerced into surrendering River River (and resulting in a big death), Edmure was thrown into a cell by his father-in-law, Walder Frey. Edmure was last seen in Season 6, and the show didn't mention his state after Arya exacted her revenge for the Red Wedding by ending House Frey. Edmure is presumably still somebody's captive, as Arya likely would have sprung him if she'd found him, and it would have been unfortunate if his fate was to starve to death because his niece killed his captors but didn't think to check the dungeon for any prisoners. Assuming the cast list (via Watchers on the Wall) is accurate, what will bring Edmure back into the Frey-less fray? Tobias Menzies stated back in March 2018 that he had no idea what happened to Edmure and that he'd "not heard anything from them," opining that the show has "so many stories to tie up" that Edmure's might not be resolved. Is it possible that he was simply covering up the truth, as actors like Kit Harington had to do for so long? Perhaps. Alternately, Edmure could simply have a small scene to establish where he is and what he's been up to. If he's been in Lannister custody, he might suffer Cersei's wrath. Jaime arguably could be motivated to want to liberate him after coercing him to surrender Riverrun, but I doubt that Tobias Menzies could be on board in a significant capacity without news leaking way before this. My money is on a quick scene to confirm his fate and whereabouts before Thrones jumps back into the main action. Now, onto the other big surprise of the cast list: Lino Facioli. Lino Facioli has had a small but memorable role in Game of Thrones, largely thanks to how he made a debut. Facioli first appeared as Robin Arryn when Catelyn brought Tyrion to the Eyrie in Season 1. Catelyn was shocked to discover Lysa breastfeeding her way-too-old son on her lap in full view of the Eyrie court. It was a scene so disturbing that even Nikolaj Coster-Waldau -- who has played his fair share of disturbing scenes as Jaime Lannister -- was uncomfortable. Robin also hasn't appeared on Game of Thrones since Season 6, when he sent his armies along with Littlefinger to the North to help Sansa, in a move that would be instrumental in the Stark victory at the Battle of the Bastards. Fortunately for everybody (except perhaps for Lord Yohn Royce and Co.), Robin remained safe at Runsetone rather than travel North. Now, what will bring Robin back in Season 8? Well, we can probably rule out anybody bringing him in as a strategist, and most of his forces may still be with Sansa anyway. He may be in for some turmoil, however, given that Season 7 saw the execution of Littlefinger at Winterfell. Will Robin side with his beloved cousin Sansa, or will he want to make Sansa "fly" for allowing his Uncle Petyr to be killed? The last thing any of the remaining Seven Kingdoms needs is the Vale causing a mess courtesy of Robin. All things considered, I'm not expecting Robin to play much more of a role than Edmure in Season 8, although he is the last of the Arryn line. Rupert Vansittart, who plays Yohn Royce, is also listed as part of the Season 8 premiere cast, so I'd say the odds are pretty good that Robin will appear in a scene at Runestone, where he's been staying with Yohn. Could the fighting from the North or the South somehow reach them there? Or will Robin simply receive news there? Is Robin Arryn destined to sit the Iron Throne at the end of the series, as the member of a noble family who has been consistently overlooked? I'd say probably not on that last one, and not just because I'm still holding out for democracy to emerge at the end of the series rather than a new person on the Iron Throne. Robin Arryn shouldn't be in charge of much more than his own wardrobe. Dany and Jon are likely picking up every ally they can get, however, and the forces of the Vale will almost certainly look pretty good to them since The Wall has fallen. Or could Cersei win Robin to her side? Robin is an Arryn with every reason to hate the Lannisters, and he's being fostered with a family loyal to House Arryn and House Stark, but... this is Robin we're talking about. Yohn Royce may want to keep a close eye on the kid. Although Cersei may be in the South with The Mountain/Ser Robert Strong and Qyburn (as seen in the cast list), I wouldn't put anything past her. Other cast members who may not be altogether expected are Kristofer Hivju and Richard Dormer, who play Tormund and Beric Dondarrion, respectively. Both men were present at The Wall when the Night King and undead Viserion took down the long-standing barrier; given that Season 7 doesn't sound like it picks up precisely where Season 8 left off, it's likely safe to say that both men survived the fall. Gendry will be in the mix as well, based on Joe Dempsey's presence on the list. Will fans finally get the reunion with Arya? Lyanna Mormont and Maester Wolkan will be back with actors Bella Ramsey and Richard Rycroft. Additionally, Megan Parkinson and Harry Grasby will appear as Alys Karstark and Ned Umber; given the likely locations of Alys and Ned, their first appearance in Season 8 may also be their last. They're the rulers of Karhold and Last Hearth, respectively, and those are two places in the North likely to be overrun by the dead long before they make it as far as Winterfell. All of this said, the cast list is neither officially confirmed nor technically final. We'll have to wait until Season 8 finally premieres after more than a year of hiatus in April. Big spoilers are pretty unlikely to drop ahead of time, and even the trailer that may or may not eventually release might not be too helpful. For some viewing options as we count down the days until April 14, swing by our midseason TV premiere schedule.