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  1. can i also get the learnflakes invite i am looking for it from since i have join the forum
  2. If you’re an iPhone or iPad owner you’ve probably come across share and action extensions, but what are they and how do you use them? Both add power and capabilities to apps, and they can change the way you use your devices. A share extension makes it quick and easy to share content with people or, in some cases, other apps. Imagine reading a great guide on How-to Geek, but you need to leave to catch a train. Using a share extension, you could save that guide to your favorite read-later service. Want to send it to a friend? There’s a share extension for that, too. Think of share extensions as ways to get data out of apps in some way, and you’ll be spot on. Action extensions work much the same way, but let you use features from other apps without having to open them explicitly. A great example here is creating new tasks and projects in your favorite task manager, using the source as an attachment. Before the arrival of iOS 12 and its improved support for password autofill, accessing passwords from within password managers was also a great example of a powerful use for action extensions. Both action and share extensions work the same way, which means if you know how to use one, you know how to use both. We’re going to explain how to enable extensions, re-order them, and use them here. How to Enable an Action or Share Extension To enable an action or share extension, open an app that allows you to share content. Safari is a good example because everyone has it and it’s usually on the home screen. Once open, visit a website and tap the “Share” button in the navigation bar at the bottom of the screen. https://www.howtogeek.com/wp-content...84zq-KT2ja.png You will now see the Share Sheet, an area that shows share extensions on the top row and action extensions on the bottom. Depending on which type of extension you want to enable, scroll all the way to the far right and tap the “More” button. https://www.howtogeek.com/wp-content...vMco3PvQKo.jpg The next screen shows every available action or share extension, depending on the row you selected. To enable an extension, toggle the switch beside it. https://www.howtogeek.com/wp-content...WQH-PgSM_K.jpg https://www.howtogeek.com/wp-content...pqjHKYgJvV.jpg How to Reorder Action or Share Extensions Re-ordering extensions is vital if you have a lot of them enabled, making it easier to find the ones that you use most frequently. To get started, let’s use Safari as our jumping off point once more. Again, after visiting a website tap the “Share” button. You’ll see the Share Sheet we mentioned earlier with share extensions in the top row and action extensions in the bottom. To re-order those extensions, again scroll to the far-right of the list and tap the “more” button. Now, when you see the list of extensions, tap and hold on the three horizontal lines beside one and then drag it up or down the list to reorder it. https://www.howtogeek.com/wp-content...s5IXoKYvrc.jpg https://www.howtogeek.com/wp-content...Lhfdz-dBwE.jpg How to Use Action or Share Extensions Once you have all of your extensions enabled and ordered just so, using them is a simple case of tapping the “Share” button and then tapping the icon of the extension that you want to use. One thing to remember here is that only extensions that work with the content at hand show up in this view. That means that extensions that can only accept or work with images will not appear if you are sharing a website, for example. https://www.howtogeek.com/wp-content...L-13S3sosQ.jpg
  3. One of the cheapest smartphones launched by Motorola last year, the Moto X4 is getting a second life with the release of the newest Android OS update. The U.S. company is now rolling out Android 9 Pie for Moto X4, but not many will get it this month In early November, Motorola offered Moto X4 beta testers an Android Pie soak test, but starting today, a stable version of the update is being rolled out in Brazil, XDA Developers reports. Since the update has already passed the beta tests, there's a high chance Moto X4 owners in the United States will start seeing the update by the end of the year. According to a couple of screenshots, the Android 9 Pie update for the Moto X4 includes the November security patch, along with other improvements like adaptive battery, adaptive brightness, and app actions. Android 9 Pie is the second major update that the Moto X4 is getting in just one year, but we can't help and wonder whether or not the phone will receive yet another Android OS update in 2019.
  4. With exactly one week to go until its expected debut, official marketing images of the upcoming Nokia 8.1 have leaked out online confirming what was originally thought – the device is simply an international variant of China’s Nokia X7. As seen in the renders, the Nokia 8.1 makes use of a tall 6.18-inch display complete with a small chin below and a relatively wide notch up top. The frame of the device is carved out of an aluminum while, just like most modern smartphones, the rear panel is made out of glass. Speaking of which, this is home to a fingerprint scanner and a vertical camera set up in the middle that is home to two sensors and ZEISS branding. Moving on to the smartphone’s specifications and features, the various images list a 20-megapixel selfie camera that is backed up by AI enhancements. Additionally, over on the rear, a main 12-megapixel sensor accompanied by a secondary 13-megapixel unit and a dual-tone LED flash can be found. In regards to performance, the smartphone will arrive powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 710. Depending on each user’s preference, this will then be paired with either 4/64GB or 6/128GB. Also worth noting is the presence of stock Android 9 Pie straight out of the box as part of the Android One program and the 3,500mAh battery. The marketing images in question, unfortunately, don’t confirm when the smartphone will be released or how much it’ll cost. However, with Christmas just around the corner, HMD Global will probably launch this device soon after the unveiling in most major markets.
  5. Review: The first few episodes of this drama are dedicated to character introductions, and laying the foundation for later plots. I think this was a really good choice, as it set up the stakes of the drama before the earthquake ever hit. Once the disaster begins, you care a lot more about the characters and what happens to them. The remaining episodes focus mostly on the characters and their development. Outside forces like depleting supplies and the Director of Mirae Hospital wanting to shut its doors to the public also add more tension beyond the after shocks that continue to run through the city. An example of this ever-present tension post earthquake is when Hae-Sung is sent to retrieve more blood for the hospital and is then attacked by a stranger wanting to steal his motorbike. Alongside this, Mirae's Director is doing his best to make Hae-Sung's life miserable. The thing I appreciated the most though was how you can actually see each character develop. The most obvious being Jung Ddol-mi's growth from naive and useless to capable and helpful, and Ahn Dae-Gil's (Sungyeol) transition from a rich, self centred resident to a proper part of the D-Day team. Even showing Hae-Sung dealing with insomnia and PTSD provided a real feeling to the character that had me rooting for his idealism to succeed in the end. Themes: The main themes are morality, death and if the ends justify the means. These are shown through various character arcs like the hospital president's son and Hae-Sung's little brother Woo Sung. Just because these heavy themes are present though, tonally the show switches a lot between existential breakdown scenes and comedic moments, though neither ever feel out of place. I bawled like a baby throughout certain episodes and also laughed out loud during others. Cons: If I had to fault it for one thing it would be the near excessively evil antagonist, Director Gun (Lee Kyoung-Young). There's only so much unchecked bad things someone can do before I begin to question how no one's reported him and why he still holds such an important position. Another fault that is more opinion based than logical was the resolution of the character Goo Ja Hyuk (Cha In-Pyo). He's a politician who is dating Mirae Hospital's Chief Kang (Kim Hye-Eun) and the figurehead of the rescue efforts post earthquake. His actions to not help the immediate people around him in favour of his wish to rebuild Seoul from nothing result in a lot of loss and even death, but in the end Chief Kang seems content with it and marries him. It was hard for me to accept especially considering that the only reason her son is alive was probably due to the kindness of strangers helping him. Conclusion: All in all, this drama was a really good watch, although it did have its short comings in some storylines feeling unnecessary. This may have come about due it being 20 episodes instead of 16. I highly recommend it though if you want to get your feelings on, or just want to appreciate the beauty that is Kim Young Kwang.
  6. Unix Commands cut -f 1 -d ʻ ʻ cut the ?rst column from a ?le. Consider space ( ) as delimiter df check free disk space du list disk usage of each directory find ?nd ?les grep -a “needle” file same, but treat binary ?le like ASCII grep -c “needle” file count lines that contain “needle” grep -v “needle” file return lines that DO NOT contain “needle” grep “needle” file extract all lines that contain “needle” from ?le history review recent commands id who am I? ls directory listing sort sort a ?le line by line sort -u sort, and only show unique lines strings extract printable strings from ?le uniq unique lines from sorted ?le Windows Commands (not all commands are available in all windows versions) runas: run a program as a different user assoc: associate programs with extensions netsh: Network con?guration tool (type ? to get help) sc: control services (startup / shutdown / auto-start on boot) sigverify: Verify driver signatures ?nd large ?les: find . -size +5000k -xdev -print Kill Process: wmic process [pid] delete wmic process where name=ʼcmd.exeʼ delete List local users: wmic useraccount list full Startup Programs: wmic startup list full use wmic on remote system: wmic /user:userID / password:password /node:hostname share list full Port Service 21 FTP 23 telnet 25 SMTP (Sendmail) 53 DNS 67, 68 DHCP 80 Web 113 authd/ident 135 Windows Name Resolution 137 Windows File Sharing 139 Windows File Sharing 143 IMAP 161 SNMP 443 HTTPS 445 Common Internet File System 1026 Windows RPC 1027 Windows RPC 1028 Windows RPC 1080 Proxy Server 1433 SQL Server (connect) 1434 SQL Server (Slammer Worm) 2967 Symantec System Center 3128 Squid Proxy 3306 MySQL 3389 MS Terminal Services 4662 eMule P2P ?le sharing 4672 eMule P2P ?le sharing 4672 remote access server 4899 remote admin 5060 SIP (VoIP) 5900 VNC 6881 Bittorrent 8000 irdmi/http 8010 Wingate / HTTP Windows UNIX assign ln -s create symbolic link attrib chmod change file permissions chdir pwd display current directory chdisk du disk usage cls clear clear screen comp /fc diff compare files copy cp date/time date show date or time del/erase rm delete file dir ls directory listing doskey /h history get recent commands find grep find matching lines format mke2fs format a disk help man get help ipconfig ifconfig check network configuration mem free/top check memory usage mkdir/md mkdir create directory netstat netstat network info pkzip zip compress a file with ZIP print lpr print file shutdown -r rebootnow reboot restart system system rename/move mv rename file or move file routeprint route -n check routing configuration tasklist ps list of running programs tracert traceroute trace route type cat print file content ver uname -a OS version
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