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  1. i'm using a seedbox.. i'll do a screenshot like you ask and pm you thanks!
  2. Tracker Name - desireleasers Tracker URL - https://desireleasers.be/ Speedtest - https://imgur.com/a/EWVSN8D Comments - can provide proofs of trackers inc. filelist.
  3. i like to spin up a box using swizzin... very flexible
  4. which is better? freenas or omv for this media server plex purpose?
  5. i'm thinking of setting up omv server with used parts; with 2x 1tb hdd for redunduncy.... anyone know which raid setup best for this??
  6. me thinking of building a diy omv box from second hand parts....
  7. 4x NzbPlanet invites available. Please reply then pm your mail iD. Thanks...
  8. i'd like one please, been hunting for one
  9. oh just failed to notice this is a ancient post... probably use the apt packager these days
  10. i guess using a script based is far more convenient. i've tried swizzin and works like a charm...
  11. i used deluge when i was running windoze. now on linux and i believe transmission is installed by default.
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