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  1. Great thank you for letting me know! Do you know if the ever have open registration?
  2. Well that stinks to here is there a time they normally open invites or is it random? Thank you so much for the reply!
  3. Tracker Name : myspleen.com Hello everyone I'm new here and hoping someone can help me out by sending me an invite to myspleen.com I heard they have my kind of torrents such as older childrens shows and I have some old recordings I would love to share to the right group of folks! So if you have an invite to spare please send me one you won't regret it! I look forward to seeing you there!
  4. These kids parents must not pay attention to their kids enough anyone should be able to tell when their kids are doing drugs!
  5. I think they need to do the same to him anyone that could do that to an animal would surely do it to a human!
  6. Does not surprise me I walked by a metal shelf in the electronics years ago and just scrapped my arm... atleast I thought needed to go to the doctor and get stitches!
  7. I'm sure there is something in the loch but not a monster would love to find out thought!
  8. If hes the one that jumped out its his own stupidity! If he wins the justice systems messed up!
  9. Amazing! Understand the money but would be so hard getting ride of History that easy!
  10. This school should be in trouble I understand uniforms but if its that hot there should be understanding of not wearing it!
  11. It wont surprise me if they are never able to get all of it removed I see nazi stuff for sale at flea markets so whats stopping it at amazon!
  12. Why does this not surprise me parents let and help their kids do anything right or not, 20 years ago this wouldnt have happend!
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