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  1. sorry. The new code program is too performance-intensive, and the server can't afford it, so it can only continue to use the old code. The data is backed to 2022.11.01 23, the upload amount of 100G, to compensate, has been sent
  2. Thanks to our members who voted for our alternative banner! The Top 2 highest voted wrestlers from AEW and WWE were: MJF Kenny Omega Bray Wyatt Sami Zayn Our new banner has been added to XWT (refresh the page if it is not showing). We will leave this set for a few weeks and will then set up a rotation of each banner.
  3. Google Translation: Hello ebook fans, Please accept an explanation: If you have donated, you need to send your data via p.m. to b***. This is in connection with the fact that your donations are processed through this account and it is therefore much easier for us to give you the necessary donations quickly and efficiently. Thank you for your cooperation. If you have any questions, we would like to hear from you. Kind regards, Ebook Paradise
  4. Hello! Halloween is here again! Different characters appear at intervals! Have a successful pumpkin hunt, have a good time and good luck! Have a good rest and a peaceful commemoration! Megamix Staff!
  5. .. :: Halloween :: .. a masquerade custom that is celebrated in many countries on the evening of October 31st. References to Halloween are often seen in popular culture, mainly American. Halloween is most vigorously celebrated in the United States, Canada, Ireland, Australia and Great Britain. Although the day is not an official holiday, it enjoys the greatest popularity after Christmas. Halloween in Poland appeared in the 1990s. The main symbol of the holiday is a hollow and highlighted pumpkin with chipped teeth. Other popular themes include ghosts, demons, zombies, vampires, witches, skulls, bats, black cats, cobwebs, etc.
  6. The picture illustration We are organizing a picture uploading competition for the Halloween holiday. All Halloween pictures that refer to the holiday can be submitted to the competition. It can be a homemade pumpkin or a holiday picture. The only condition is that the name of our site must be written/edited on the image - Best-Core. The size and quality of the image does not matter, it is not defined. Submitting images: Upload the images to one of the image uploading sites (e.g.: https://kephost.net/index.php ) and copy the link that you can find on the Forum you can insert it by clicking on Comment. Save me. But make sure it's clear and visible, because it will count when you vote. Everyone can enter with one picture, if several pictures are submitted, the first picture will be entered into the competition, the others will be deleted. The submitted image can be modified until the submission deadline. The image is an illustration Submission deadline: 03.11.2022. 24:00 You will be able to vote for the submitted pictures on the main page as soon as the submission deadline has closed. The submitted pictures will also be available for viewing in the News! Image illustration Prizes: 1st place: 45000 BP 2nd place: 35000 BP 3rd place: 25000 BP All submitters (except winners) You get 15000 BP for playing the game. Anyone who uploads a picture of a hand-carved pumpkin in accordance with the rules will receive a special award . Special Prize: 55000 BP Important! When uploading self-made pumpkin pictures, write: 'Self-made'. Good game everyone. We reserve the right to make changes. for help or questions . Management of Best-Core
  7. The days of horrors are here again... get ready everyone, because zombie and witch wars are on the way. Expect them to arrive roughly after 6 o'clock, from the east. As the years pass, the failed attacks provoke more and more aggression, hunger and revenge from our main enemies... we have only one goal in front of us: to stop them from carrying out their plan! So from tonight, no one can feel safe, as this year will also see the start of the highly successful among our users For those who have recently joined the user base of our site, here is a brief description of the event: The tracker is usually invaded by monsters who take control of the site: they immediately start bombarding it with pumpkins and other figures, and they will not spare our renewed interfaces either. We ask you to join forces to strengthen our defense! If you catch these figures in time, the site will not see any serious damage, otherwise the battle will have unforeseeable consequences! Of course, your help will not go without a reward, but be aware that there are some particularly dangerous characters among this year's crop! Our bravest warriors are rewarded after repelling attacks. The available rewards are namely the following: • The reward for the user who catches the 500 most figurines is 3000 points! • The reward for the 100 users who catch the most figurines is 1 month of Legend rank! • In addition to the above, the 25 players who catch the most figures will receive an additional 3,000 points, 1 year of Legend rank and a colorful Spooky Master individual rank as a gift! If you feel like chatting with your fellow players, visit our Discord channel ! We would like to say a special thank you to our users, without whom this year's Spooky Dayz would not have been possible: Never exaggerate the time you spend playing! Take enough time to rest!
  8. New competition, Please follow the following rules!! Rules: 1. Banner with a Christmas theme that must include the word SceneTime 2. Size 950px x 120px jpg.png.gif formats, any other size will be disqualified and image removed. 3. Competition ends November 17th 2022 (be sure to post your entry(ies) before then) 4. Multiple entries are allowed. Please post them together. Edit then add your new image to your original post.. 5. The banner must be your own creation. (any copy/pastes will get disqualified and the image removed ) 6. Have FUN! And show us what you got!!! The winner will be picked by voting on a Poll created for the effect and decided by ST members -= Prizes for 2022 =- 1st place = 300Gb upload credit + 6 months VIP + 1 month IPTV 2nd place = 200Gb upload credit + 3 months VIP + 1 month IPTV 3rd place = 100Gb upload credit + 1 month VIP + 1 month IPTV START POSTING YOUR BANNERS!! After the last years (Cancelled) Christmas , Lets all get into the spirit! I know we have some very talented graphic artist's now is your time to shine, everyone is welcome to participate no matter your skill level.. Some ideas could be - Christmas related - Traditional Christmas'-- Santa, Snowmen , Angels and the sort or even A Krampus theme? The possibilities are endless use your imagination just remember keep it clean and represent scenetime in it somewhere We look forward to all your entries Examples of previous submissions
  9. DISCORD - STC 1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY GIVEAWAY CONTEST!!! Hey Everyone, Thanks to all of you for joining and supporting STC for the past year, we have come a long way since last October and as a reward we will be running 4 daily giveaways for 1 week in discord. You will need to be a verified member within the discord server in order to participate in the contest. Join by clicking the following discord link https://discord.gg/nQDtN32H and once you join state your username you have here on STC in the discord welcome channel so a staff member can get your verified so you can join the contest!! Good luck to everyone and hope to see you all there. GRiMM
  10. Explanation of the problem that mana does not increase The server where this site is located has two versions of PHP due to some requirements, and one is a high version and the other is a low version. The two versions coexist and conflict, resulting in the situation that all users cannot increase their magic power for a period of time. , which has affected the members who have just entered the station and are still undergoing assessment. The subsequent development and repair of this site, that is, the problem can only be solved after deleting the old version of PHP. Therefore, I apologize for the inconvenience caused, and we will respond to this site. All members add 1000 magic points to compensate. The compensation will be issued within 48 hours. If you have any problems with the use of this site, you are welcome to click on the administrator mailbox in the upper right corner of the site to inform the management team of the problems encountered. We will serve you wholeheartedly in the first time, thank you for your cooperation!
  11. Dear users! Coming to the halfway point of the Halloween game, we would like to share some statistics with you: So far, out of 238 pumpkin figures caught , 96 answers have been received within the time, of which 39 answers are worth + 1 point, so the right option has been selected. A little help: There are 30 questions in total. The 10 second "reading" and "thinking" time frame is now 15 seconds. Remember, 7 points are required to reach the finals! (good answer 1 point, bad -1 point and if the time expires -0.5 point) So far 1 user managed to reach 7 points. It's worth guessing! Go!
  12. Dear Users! Tomorrow, Sunday, from 18:00, there will be a quiz on the message board! We look forward to welcoming you all! Quizmaster: stansmith
  13. BakaSHOTS is down Unfortunately, BakaSHOTS is currently down do to a hardware related issue. At this time we are waiting to hear back from the host with an ETA as to when the problem will be resolved.
  14. Dear friends, to members who are having HNR problems, we kindly ask you to contact the staff describing the problem so that we can evaluate your case and thus try to find a way to correct it. Send message --> Staff MP TEAM https://i.imgur.com/yk1yklf.gif
  15. Freeleech torrents from "Help Seed" feature weren't working correctly Hello everyone, You may have noticed a new link at the top right side of the page called "Help Seed". Its purpose is to present a list of low-seeded torrents marked as Freeleech that you can grab to help keep them alive. However, due to an error in the implementation of the new feature, the download of said torrents were still counted against your account despite being marked as Freeleech. This has been fixed and it should work as intended now. If you downloaded one or more Freeleech torrents from the Help Seed list during the 24 hours before the publication of this annoucement and you want your Download stat restored, send us a Staff PM indicating which torrents you downloaded during that timeframe and we'll remove the corresponding Download from your stats. >> Send a Staff PM << Sorry for the trouble. ~CRT Staff
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