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  1. Snap "Horror" category freeleech! Time for your last minute Halloween shopping! Valid until 12.00 hours GMT on the 1st November (give or take). Don't forget to seed back anything you grab for a minimum of 3 days after your download has completed or until you've seeded to a 1:1 ratio if that happens sooner. In view of the brevity of the Freeleech it probably isn't worth asking for reseeds on any unseeded torrents as the wait will be too long. Unless you are prepared to hang around and take the full hit on your ratio, of course. PS The Gilding won't apply to posts made after the time/date of this Notice. Sorry! Enjoy!!! Love, staff.
  2. Vodlocker.to offers a handy video embed tool which several smaller pirate streaming sites have grown to rely on. Starting recently, however, the site also appears to have become the source of a rather nasty JavaScript-based DDoS campaign, which uses the unwitting viewers of these embedded videos to take out several pirate streaming sites. Last year we highlighted a rather interesting service which makes it easy for anyone to embed a pirated movie. Requiring only an IMDb number, Vodlocker.to allows anyone to embed videos, many of which are pirated. This turned out to be a welcome feature for many smaller site operators, who use basic scripts to set up a streaming portal with minimal investment. In exchange, Vodlocker can serve some extra ads on these sites, which makes it a win-win for both parties. More recently, however, it appears that ‘someone’ has added some extra code to the Vodlocker site that does more than streaming video or placing ads. As a result, the embedded videos are also being used to DDoS certain video streaming portals. Looking at the source of the embed pages, we see a piece of JavaScript that attempts to load content from external sites. This is triggered by unwitting visitors; not once, but dozens of times per second. The smaller sites in question, understandably, collapse under this load. The script https://torrentfreak.com/images/script-1.png When we checked the site on Monday, Rainierland.com and Movie2k.st were being targeted, resulting in downtime. Today, the code has been updated and it’s now pointing movie4k.is, which is mostly unreachable as a result. Movie4k.is attack in action https://torrentfreak.com/images/hammer1.gif It’s not clear what the motivation for this attack is, or if Vodlocker is perhaps compromised, but it appears to be an intentional effort to take these streaming sites down. Before the weekend the German news site Tarnkappe reported that another site, Filmpalast.to, was suffering from a similar DDoS attack. Many of the sites that rely on these Vodlocker.to embed codes probably have no idea that they are participating in the attacks. The same is true for their visitors, who are unwittingly transformed into an army of stream-watching DDoS bots. We contacted several of the affected sites for a comment but haven’t heard back. Vodlocker.to has no contact address listed, so we haven’t been able to reach out to the site itself. The JavaScript-based attack itself isn’t new. Cloudflare previously highlighted the problem, describing it as a growing issue on the Internet. “If an attacker sets up a site with this JavaScript embedded in the page, site visitors become DDoS participants. The higher-traffic the site, the bigger the DDoS,” Cloudflare explained in a blog post some years ago. “Since purpose-built attack sites typically don’t have many visitors, the attack volume is typically low. Performing a truly massive DDoS attack with this technique requires some more creativity.” In this case, there appears to be enough volume to take smaller sites offline. Not only are there a lot of sites who rely on the Vodlocker.to embeds, the visitors generally keep their tabs open for a more than an hour, while they’re watching, continuously hammering away. Source: Torrentfreak.com
  3. Tamil Film Producers' council have now issued a circular, conveying their collective decision to refrain from screening new releases in the following nine theatres - 7 in TN and 2 in Karnataka - for their hand in pirating Tamil movies. The circular requests all producers to co-operate with this decision and to send an email to Qube asking them to not provide these theatres with the KDM (Key Delivery Message) that is required to screen the films. The nine theatres that have been identified are as follows: Krishnagiri Murugan Theatre (Manushana Ne?), Krishnagiri Nayanthara Theatre (Goli Soda 2), Mayiladuthurai Gomathi Theatre and Karur Ellora (Oru Kuppai Kathai), Arani Chetpet Padmavathy (Mr Chandramouli), Karur Kavithalaya (Thodaraa and Raja Ranguski), Sathyam Bangaluru (Imaikaa Nodigal), Viruthachalam Jai Sai Krishna Theatre (Seema Raja) and Cinepolis Mangalore (Seema Raja). These theatres were allegedly involved in creating pirated copies of films and police investigations are currently on. Vishal starrer Sandakozhi 2 is gearing up for release on October 18 amidst a lot of expectations. Being a sequel to one of the biggest hits that released in 2005, Sandakozhi 2 is directed by N Lingusamy and stars Vishal in the lead role. The duo had worked together in the prequel and have teamed up for the sequel as well. Sify reported that Vishal will be hosting a special show a day before its release for all the theater owners, who have signed the film, on October 17. On the film’s release, Vishal recently made it clear that it will not be released in the 10 theatres that have been accused of supporting piracy. He has requested the Qube Cinema not to extend technical support to these theatres so that the producers’ sentiments are no hurt. He also made it clear that the Key Delivery Message (KDM) will not be released to these theatres. It may be mentioned here that Vishal, the General Secretary of the Nadigar Sangam and the President of the Tamil Film Producers’ Council has been advocating against piracy ever since he was elected to power. Qube has responded to TFPC's request saying they can not authorise KDMs unilaterally. "If any producer or authorised distributor authorises us to screen any particular movie in the theatres mentioned in your letter/press releases, we are obliged to comply with such requests unless the theatre has been restrained to do sobbed on any written orders of any judicial, police or regulatory bodies," their release reads. TFPC's President Vishal's announces that his film 'Sandakozhi 2' will not be screened in these theatres.
  4. We all know that piracy is illegal, but the lure of getting something for nothing is too much to resist for a lot of people. So how do you put them off? A new study has, perhaps unsurprisingly, found that the most explicit warnings also tend to be the most effective. University of Nevada psychology researchers Joanne Ullman and Clayton Silver have published a report (via TorrentFreak), which suggests that people take notice of some warnings a lot more than others. They conducted a study, in which a group of students were asked to rate 60 different music piracy warning graphics. Each of these graphics used one of the four icons shown above, as well as one of the following three signal words: ‘NOTICE’, ‘IMPORTANT’ and ‘STOP’. They also used one of the following warning messages: “This is illegal.” “This is illegal. You may be fined.” “This is illegal. You may be monitored.” “This is illegal. You may be monitored and you may be fined.” No warning message “The highest perceived warning effectiveness icon was the computer with the download paired with a slash [the second logo from the left]; whereas, the no computer with the download followed by the cross [far right], had the lowest perceived warning effectiveness,” the researchers wrote. They also found that the signal words ‘IMPORTANT’ and ‘STOP’ were more effective than ‘NOTICE’, and the most effective warning message was “This is illegal. You may be monitored and you may be fined”. “Signal words conveying the presence of a risk (i.e., IMPORTANT and STOP) received higher perceived effectiveness ratings than NOTICE,” the researchers wrote. “Increasing the number of consequences in the warning led to greater perceived warning effectiveness ratings.” Read more: Eleven Sports While the same formula might not necessarily apply to real-world pirates, we imagine that broadcasters and studios will be looking at the findings of this study with keen interest. Should we expect to see more scary-sounding piracy warnings in the near future? Almost certainly.
  5. @Krazycat Need account proofs for this approve this site !
  6. @John_see_ya Thanks for this contribution ! Like+Rep Added.I apply for this giveaway ! Regards AR !
  7. Google Translation: * We want to let you know that due to torrents that have been deleted from the site, users still have their assets in the utorrent and those torrents sent to us hurting the system * Please check in your torrent client to have no torrents with an announcement error or torrents without an announcement link and without the private passkey of your account * Such null torrents that do not have a passkey or deleted torrents, still active on you in the computer fail to reach us being refused on the above written reason * Any torrent that is red with 'torrent not registered' error is no longer valid and can be safely deleted from the torrent client, there will be no hit and run or ratio problems * Any torrent that is red and there is the error ''Failed unregistered torrent pass", requires an update to the passkey, this can be done simply by copying from other active green torrents, that passkey announcement to the redesigned torrents with passkey and the torrent will return green * If after updating the passkey torrent is still red showing another error that it is torrent not registered, and these torrents can be deleted from the user's torrent client
  8. Tracker's Name: ScanBytes (SCB) Genre: General Sign-up Link: https://scanbytes.org/signup.php Closing date: Open only for a few spots. Hurry up! Additional information: ScanBytes (SCB) is a Nordic Private Torrent Tracker for HD Movies / General Releases.
  9. Rising interest rates, trade war tensions and the threat of Brexit may mean that some I.P.O. procrastinators have missed their chance. The Spanish oil group Cepsa on Monday became the latest market hopeful to put its stock market debut on hold. It joined the Dutch car-leasing company LeasePlan, which was seeking a 7.5 billion euro (about $8.8 billion) price tag according to Bloomberg, but last week said it would not proceed “due to market conditions.” The Chinese streaming service Tencent Music Entertainment has also paused plans to raise $2 billion in a U.S. listing until equity markets stabilized, Reuters reported. Blaming the markets is far from a catchall excuse, though. The German brake maker Knorr Bremse last week raised 3.9 billion euros with an offering priced in the middle of its expected range, and the shares are up slightly since. And shares in Shurgard, a self-storage group that priced its Brussels I.P.O. near the bottom of the range, rose about 5 percent on its first hours of trading on Monday. The lesson is that, even in turbulent times, investors will support modestly-priced companies with business models that are easy to understand. Prospective shareholders will use a bigger magnifying glass when examining harder-to-value prospects. While Tencent Music has a listed peer in Spotify, its strategy for getting listeners to pay for music in piracy-heavy China is unclear. LeasePlan struggled to reassure investors who worried that corporate clients would slash company car spending in the next recession. And Mubadala, an Abu Dhabi state investor that owns Cepsa, was seeking proceeds of 2 billion euros at a valuation premium to Spanish rival Repsol, based on Breakingviews calculations. The trio may have missed the boat for a while. Europe’s Stoxx 50 stock index has not yet recovered from a worldwide rout on Oct. 10. So long as the Federal Reserve keeps tightening monetary policy, higher bond yields are probably here to stay. Add United States-China trade tensions and the fallout from a possible no-deal Brexit next year, and it’s hard to imagine investors taking a chance on risky I.P.O.s for some time.
  10. CEO and Co-Founder of OpenVPN Inc., leading-edge networking and software technology with over 25 million downloads since inception. When it comes to cybersecurity, you may think you’re doing everything right, but there's a chance you could still be exposing yourself to an incredible degree of risk. How? If your data protection/cybersecurity plan includes the use of the wrong VPN, you could be unwittingly putting yourself in a much worse position than if you had no protection plan at all. I believe bad cybersecurity is much worse than no cybersecurity at all, and the best intentions in the world can still leave you and your company at risk if you don’t do your due diligence. The Most Common Online Security Mistakes Most of us understand that ignoring the risk isn’t an option in today’s world, but there are still plenty of people who neglect their security when they should be following up. They may have a basic security system in place, but they fail to update their software, set up firewalls, choose a reputable VPN provider and secure access to their network. If this is you, you’re setting yourself up for trouble by leaving open holes in your security for hackers and malware to slip through. Other people implement security measures but fail to have a data backup plan. Still more overlook the risks of using cloud-based services without protection or using public Wi-Fi without encryption. These are all good ways to set yourself and your organization up for trouble. But even worse may be when an individual or organization chooses a VPN in good faith, thinking they’ve set in place an encryption process that will protect their data and online security but unknowingly puts their data at greater risk by choosing a disreputable VPN provider.