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  1. I love both, but MaM is easier to get into, so I'd say start there.Also MaM is more easy-going about stuff like uploading collections of books; Bib is tightly more organised in terms of quality.It was always said Bib is the best for retail e-books. But tbh there's no way in the world you will read all the books on either in 100 lifetimes. In depth Research - Torrents Bib has 368,000 torrents. MAM has 380,421 torrents Availability At the time of this post Bib has 2,271 torrents with 0 seeders, which is ~1.3%. MAM has 17,805 torrents with 0 seeders, which is ~7.9%. Quality Bib has strict rules about quality, trumping guidelines and a focus on "Retail" torrents. MAM is a bit of a free-for-all, with limited rules about upload quality. Ratio Bib is considered quite difficult to maintain a ratio on, especially if you are not willing to upload. As uploading is very easy, bib has a big focus on having an overdrive library and uploading retail torrents. In general if you are willing to upload you won't have to worry about ratio. MAM is very generous with ratio, with lots of freeleech and bonuses. Maintaining ratio is easy with no need to upload new torrents. Content Bib is mainly focused on ebooks with a small audiobook collection and some comics. The difficulty of maintaining ratio at Bib also makes downloading audiobooks there very difficult. MAM has a wider scope and is much better for audiobooks Community Bib has a small community which isn't very active. MAM has a big community which is very friendly - the site is very community focused. In fact, the rules about the community are longer than the rules about torrents! Staff Bib has a very small team of staff (~10 people). Bib staff have a reputation of being... librariany. That may or may not be a good thing :). MAM has a larger team (~30 people) but it's worth noting that they also have a lot more members. I haven't had much interaction with MAM staff but a brief glance through the forums and IRC suggests that they are friendly. Accessibility Bib is relatively hard to get into, with only a few recruitment threads in other trackers. There are strict requirements about having access to Overdrive libraries in order to get an invites. MAM is pretty easy to get in to with lots of recruitment threads on lots of trackers.
  2. Topic Moved & titled being edited as the post author requested. Regards AR!
  3. You have been warned for inappropriate and irritative post reply.Don't reply that something not useful regarding this post.
  4. Kindly add what you want,It's trade section.So it'll easy for others to figure it out which tracker do you wanna trade. Regards AR!
  5. It depends on which way to asking invites.You can't allow to asking invite in shoutbox,it's totally prohibited.I'll suggest you if you need any trackers kindly check our membershop section,free giveaway section or if there any trackers you wanna trade then check our trade section.Yet you couldn't find anything then you may open a REQ tracker invite thread.Al though there are plenty way to get trackers invite,so I hope you don't need to begging for get any trackers invite.InviteHawk gives you tons of opportunity to earning invites by own yourself. Hope you understand!!!. Stay with us....
  6. Shit!! This is really bad news as a business administration!
  7. PTP is PTP, you can't compared with non of them except HDBits,you can find all kind of movies there. But KG,if you are looking some specifically content then it'll be best for you.
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