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  1. @onsisher it looks the same m8 tbh new stuff going on from what i sen
  2. jez for got all about this place been on here for years lol
  3. so how long does it take to get a confirmation email from these still waiting
  4. this is a nice site got lots to offer hope to see lots of new ppl jump into the shoutbox
  5. ummm it seems this place like to ban ppl for no reason wide berth recommended
  6. this code does not work whats the point ?????
  7. Tracker Name :oscarworld Genre: general tracker Review (If Any) Sign Up Link: Oscar World .::. Index OSCARWORLD.XYZ Closing Time: none yet Additional Information: we are a friendly site been open a while got lots to offer looking for good uploaders so plz pop in and say hi
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