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  1. @Samfox98 I'd like to apply, good sir.
  2. Invite given to Jinsuki. Lock it up.
  3. Easy tracker. A lot of files. Similar to IPTorrent, but a lot more easy going. Freeleech++, Rewards++ PM me email and proofs of good ratio. Like this post and give rep when received, please!
  4. @Achelous Hello! I would like to apply as well. LearnFlakes is well known for it's tutorials and guides. I am a software/web developer and dabble in graphic design/animation and game development. These leads to me spending almost my entire free time watching/learning from guides! Plenty of excellent proofs for example of my use.
  5. Tracker Name - GFXPeers Tracker URL - GFXPeers GFXPEERS.NET Speedtest - 10 gbps seedbox Comments - I have plenty of proofs. I also have a CGPeers proof that is crazy high so I no doubt take very good care of my trackers. Many thanks to anyone able to help!
  6. Like + Rep, thanks. @Me in the reply. 5 invites to Aither.cc.
  7. Nice! I'd like to grab that FileList, if you would! It looks like I missed my chance at Utah's post right before yours as most people applied there earlier. Thanks for the awesome opportunity! @Achelous
  8. Tracker Name: MyAnonaMouse Genre: Learning/eBooks Review (If Any) Sign Up Link: Invite Application | My Anonamouse WWW.MYANONAMOUSE.NET Closing Time: At this time, Invites on irc are only available in two 25 hour long time slots: Saturday 0800 GMT to Sunday 0900 GMT Wednesday 0800 GMT to Thursday 0900 GMT Additional Information: Arguably the best private tracker for ebooks, audiobooks, music materials, radio and much more, on the internet.
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