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  1. @Hamza Torab I have already commented on their facebook page and also contacted the admin via e-mail<[email protected]> with proof but didn't get any response.
  2. Thanks @Blue_ray. I am waiting their open sign up.
  3. @Achelous Thanks for your reply. I read your reply on the topic How can I register again if I am banned by a tracker by @Blue_ray. I think i need to wait for their open sign up and create a new account from a different ip.
  4. @Blue_ray i waited for their reply after posting a comment in their last post but nothing happened i am still banned.
  5. Can anyone help, when i used my laptop to login (it was connected to a Nord VPN p2p server) i instantly get banned. is there any way to recover my account or contact the admins to recover my account. Please help me to recover my account
  6. A. Tell us something about yourself? B. How did you find InviteHawk? online C. What Torrent Sites are you looking for? (Mention none if just browsing) movies D. Do you use the same username or email on InviteHawk as well as on trackers? (If yes, change it from your profile or contact a staff member) no E. Do you have any suggestions for InviteHawk? no
  7. Welcome to InviteHawk - Your Open Source for Sharing Torrent Invites -. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

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