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  1. I am always thrilled to see new members joining the forum. I wish you the best of luck in joining the private trackers you wish to become a member of.
  2. This is quite the underrated tracker. I was quite surprised by the amount of uploads on this site. It seems that the uploaders on this tracker keep on finding new content to upload, as I see plenty of uploads within the last 24 hours. I know that it is quite easy to obtain access to this website, so I recommend all who read this review sign up on milkie and see if the tracker has any content you are looking for.
  3. I'm trying to help my friend choose his new dog's name
  4. They have much more Korean stuff than other trackers from what I have heard
  5. I recently joined this tracker. It has an active forum and is of course, quite kinky. The femdom content ranges from soft to very hard femdom. I couldn't think of a better tracker if you are looking for femdom, as it aggregates plenty of femdom content. It is quite easy to maintain a positive ratio.
  6. I know it's been a while, but I just realized that Riley Reid had a kid in 2022. Honestly, this is a really interesting podcast and I recommend you guys watch it. What do you guys think of it?
  7. I wish pasties were more acceptable in society.
  8. I am giving away one ExoticaZ invite. Please do not enter if you plan on selling or trading this invite, as I can be penalized for your conduct. Thanks! Please respond to this post in order to enter the giveaway
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    Figure out which minion is which. Are you better than the infamous Gru?
  9. As an English speaker, I was weary to join this tracker. However, this tracker has many of their titles in English. So, I am able to search just about anything I would like with English. Even some forum posts are in English. The language barrier is not much of an issue at all, I recommend you join this tracker, as it has excellent selection of titles.
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