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General rules: 

1. The rules of the game in the bulls eye: the game consists in drawing next numbers (virtual dice) in order to reach the numerical value as close as possible (but not more than) 21. The user decides whether he wants to continue throwing the dice or stop the draw. A sum greater than or equal to 22 means a loss. 

2. Every active user of polishsource may become a tournament participant. 

3. Records are held on the forum in a dedicated topic. 

4. 16 players are required to start the game . 

5. The order of applications counts, it is possible to enter on the list of reserve players. Such a player joins the game when the player registered before him does not appear at the competition on the date and time set.

6. Eligible pairs will be created among the reported users (randomly using the generator) . 

7. The elimination winners pass into the quarter-finals. 

8. The winners of the quarterfinals will advance to the semi-finals. The player who is the first to win 3 times wins. The losers will have a chance to fight for third place. 

9. The final. The winner is the person who will win 4 times. After the final, the competition will be played for 3-4 place, which will be played for 3 wins. 

10. Failure to appear in the fight will be treated as a lost walker and punishment will be awarded. 
We wait only 5 minutes for latecomers - no appeals

11. In the event of a small turnout the game will be played for 8 players. The game will start from 1/4 Finals. 

12. Prizes / penalties:

- the participation in the competition itself is rewarded with a 12GB upload
- the first phase is rewarded with a upload of 16GB upload
- access to the semi-finals is rewarded with a upload of 40GB upload
- 1st place: a choice, 400GB upload + ViP 30 days
- to get second place: a postscript to choose from, upload 280GB
- winning third place: 120GB upload

- saving on competition and not to appear: -5GB upload 

Fun will be held on Sunday 12/16/2018 at21.00 on the #underground channel on our PSR iRCu

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