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HDArea News - Keep your account


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Google Translation:

The website will start the account retention rule on December 31st.

Since the website is closed, the account retention rules have been suspended. Now that it has been open for more than a month, I hope that everyone can tell each other that accounts that have not been logged in will be automatically cleaned up.

If you have forgotten your account or password, you can use your email to retrieve your password. If you can't find it, you can re-register. The site will be open for registration until the end of the month. After re-registration, the old account will not be logged in and will be automatically cleaned at the end of the month.

Website construction mainly depends on everyone. In order to give everyone the best possible download environment, there is no need to worry about the sharing ratio. The resources on the site are free, but this is not the reason for running. Now this phenomenon is more serious. I hope everyone can help each other, you can also save time for others to download after a while, this is the true meaning of pt!

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