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Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator 2 Trailer Features A Million-Strong War

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Developer Brilliant Game Studios has just released a trailer for Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator 2, which it calls the most ridiculous and insane battle simulator in existence. That is certainly a lofty claim, and there are some great simulator games out there. That being said, a recent trailer for Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator 2 shows that the game has something going for it that few others can even attempt.

Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator 2 looks to be game with many features. The game will have multiple stories to enjoy, player-driven campaigns that can be created and shared with friends, and more. But the big feature is the idea that over one million characters can fight on the screen at once.

The new trailer perfectly showcases the brilliant lunacy that is 1.3 million characters on-screen battling each other. These characters are not only man, but they are chickens, orcs, dinosaurs, and more. It also all looks buttery smooth at 60 fps. It may not be a showcase game for a high-end PC in terms of visuals, but it is probably the type of game that will run very well with the right rig.

Many of the best simulation games have a hook to them, not just overall polish. Of course, the game itself should be well designed, free from glitches, have a good UI, etc. But having that one feature that other games do not have can help set it apart. It seems like Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator 2 may have two of those said features. One, the idea that battles can take place with anyone from a dinosaur to a chicken. And two, the fact that at least 1.3 million characters can be on screen at a time in battle. Most will likely find those facts, at the very least, to be impressive.

Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator 2 is in development now for PC.

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