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Tracker Request - Alpharatio


Reason for Locking

By Ethan, on 05/29/2021 04:19 PM.

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Tracker Name - Alpharatio

Tracker URL - alpharatio.cc

Speedtest - Hella fast

Comments - 

Hey guys I'm looking to join Alpharatio

I'm a serious Movie collector and dedicated seeder I have 2 seedboxes and great ratio proofs from a number of trackers including HDT, PHD, UHDBits and more. 

I think I would make a great addition to the community. Thanks for the consideration and your help!

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Your request for the above mentioned tracker is now active. A tracker request is not always guaranteed to be fulfilled but the staff and members of this community will try their best to fulfill your request.

Requests for high level trackers such as BTN, PTP, HDBits, Empornium, GazelleGames, Awesome-HD and other similar trackers are usually not fulfilled unless you have been a very good user and have contributed in some way or the other towards the community.

Locking or Editing your thread:
Use the appropriate form on this page to lock or edit your thread - Forms


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