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Destiny 2 Update Patch Notes: Glassway Strike Issue Fixed And More


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Players were using the glitch in the Grandmaster version of the Nightfall Strike to slip into an area where the bosses couldn't damage them, allowing them to fire at the enemies in safety. Grandmaster Nightfalls are some of the toughest challenges in Destiny 2 and give out some of the best rewards, so the bug essentially allowed players to easily farm it.





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The update also solves an issue where the Worldshaper ornament for Izanagi's Burden would sometimes cause ADS issues when zooming in. The third and final fix in this update is that an issue where the Catalyst Competitor Triumph was not showing for players who completed it during the Guardian Games.

This hotfix comes in the wake of the mid-season update, which focused on balancing weapons in the player versus player modes as well as fixing bugs. Many of the gun balance changes came from Bungie's desire to rework the entire class of "special" weapons that had been taking over the PvP modes. The patch also included a nerf for the Exotic scout rifle Dead Man's Tale, which had also been dominating the Crucible meta.

Bungie also detailed how it will be overhauling the reputation system when Season 15 starts on August 24. The changes to the system are aimed at streamlining reputation resets as well as lessening the impact winning/losing PvP matches has on reputation progression.

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