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Private Trackers - Sorted By Rank

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Avoid unnecessary posts such as 'Thank you', 'Welcome', etc. Such posts will be deleted and user will be warned if it happens again. If caught spamming, the following actions are applicable -

  • First time - Warning
  • Second time - 5000 Points will be deducted
  • Third time - Ban for 7 days
  • Fourth time - Permanent Ban

If the post helped you, reward the user by reacting to the post like this -


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@userz You should check out ReelFliX. It's a re-birthed tracker (LegacyHD). I don't know about having a "huge amount" of 1080p remux releases but they have quite a few. It's also a good place to get started and build a ratio. They also have a decent amount of changing FreeLeech. They're open for signup right now:


I hope that helps. 

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