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Updated: Requirements for access to Invite Forum

Trackers (abbr) Requirements for access to invite forum
Aither Prometheus+: 10TiB Upload, average seedtime 20 days, 3 months membership
AlphaRatio (AR) Sphinx+: 3.2TB upload, 1.44m BP, 26 weeks
AnimeBytes (AB) PU+: 2 weeks, upload 25GB, 10 torrents, ratio>0.7
Anthelion (ANT) PU+: 5 uploads and/or 10 adoptions, 1TiB upload, ratio>1, 25k BP, 1 month
AsianCinema (ACM) Awaiting someone to add
AvistaZ No requirement
BeyondHD (BHD) Pro+: ratio 0.70, upload 1.25TB, average seedtime 1 month, total seedtime 4 years 11 months, completed seeds 60, special seedsize 500GB,6 months
Bibliotik (BiB) PU+: 2 weeks, ratio>1.05, (10GB upload, 10 torrents) or (1GB upload, 100 torrents)
Blutopia (BLU) BluExtremist+: 3 months, 20TB upload, or BluSeeder+: 1 month, 5TB seedsize, average seedtime 30+ days
BrokenStones (BRK) Tracker gone for good
CartoonChaos (CC) PU+: 50GB upload, 10GB download, 4 weeks
Cathode-Ray Tube (CRT) Analog Ace: 16 weeks, 5 TiB upload, 5 uploads, 20 forum posts, ratio 1.5
Cinemageddon (CG) Superfan: 200GB upload, 20GB download, ratio>1.5
Cryptichaven Comedy Club (CCC) Awaiting someone to add
Empornium (EMP) Great Perv+: 8 weeks, 100 GB upload, 5 torrents, ratio>1.05 or Sextreme Perv+: 13 weeks, 1 TB upload, 50 torrents, ratio>1.05
FileList (FL) Elite+: 4 years, 4TB upload and ratio>5,00 or VIP: 3000 FLCoins
GazelleGames (GGn) Pro Gamer+: 1200 points & 30 days+ to access Invites forum. Legendary Gamer+: 3000 points & 90 days+ to access Legendary Invites forum
HD-Space HD Spacer+: 100GB upload, ratio>1.05
HD-Torrents (HDT) HD Monster+: 250GB upload, ratio>2
HDBits (HDB) 1080i+ & 1 year+; 1080i+: 4 weeks, 30GB download, ratio>0.95
JPopsuki (JPop) Awaiting someone to add
LST Whale: 4 months, 25TB Upload or Seed Size >=6TB, seed time average of >=30 days
LzTr PU+: 2 weeks, 5 torrents, 25GB upload, ratio>1.05
MoreThanTV (MTV) Camera operator+: 500GB upload, 8 weeks
Myanonamouse (MAM) PU+: 4 weeks, 25GB upload, ratio>2
Nebulance (NBL) Ensign+: 4 weeks, 100GB upload, 100 snatches, 100k BP
Orpheus (OPS) Elite+: 4 weeks, 100GiB upload, 50 torrents, ratio>1.05
PassThePopcorn (PTP) PU+: 4 weeks, 80GB upload, 1 torrent, ratio>1.05
Redacted (RED) PU+: 2 weeks, 5 torrents, 25GB upload, ratio>0.65
RetroFlix (RFX) Movie Lover: 4 weeks, 50GB download, ratio>1.05
SceneHD (SHD) Awaiting someone to add
SecretCinema (SC) Cinematographer+: 2 months, in the 50th overall percentile/95th seeding percentile
TeamHD (THD) Awaiting someone to add
TheGeeks (TG) No requirement
TV-Vault (TVV) Elite: Registered for >= 26 weeks, downloaded >1B, uploaded >= 100GB, uploaded >= 20 torrents, ratio >= 1.25.
UHDBits (UHD) Extreme+: 8 weeks, 300GB download, 60 snatches, ratio>2, seed/leech ratio>20

You are welcome to add more details to this thread, and I will make sure to incorporate them into the table.

Kind Regards,


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