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New features! Better search. Parked. Mediainfo. New subcats

Is that time again.

I have made some small changes that where deployed yesterday and these are:

1. Better search

I have implemented a better search function that now give users more filtering of the content.

I have made a tutorial here to explain what each dies and how can you search:

This is a big one since now users can search by imdb/tvmaze link, also by title and description and also can filter yellow,green,grey torrents. Also no more reloading at category change!

Keep in mind due the category changes and lack of info not all torrent will come as results!

2. Account inactivity rules changes and parked accounts.

I have added new rules regarding account inactivity that can be found in the Rules.

"Inactive accounts are disabled after 90 days for User class, after 180 days for Power User class, after 270 days for Elite User & Insane User class. This doesn't apply to Veteran User class or above. Parking your account doubles the maximum inactive time. Only the login and browsing the site is considered activity"

Please be notified account are disabled automatically by the system!

Also the parked feature was fixed and when your account is parked you some pages aren't available like torrents, top10, log etc

3. [New] mediainfo field

I have Added a field "mediainfo" in upload and details page

This filed is for full mediainfo dumps. No more uploading NFOs, just paste the dump in that field!

*note it isn't required to upload a nfo with the mediainfo anymore

4. The details page metainfo and stuff

The details page has been rearranged and now it given a big poster and I put metainfo of movie/tv on top and sorted some info. These info are generated by the site just by inputting the tvmaze or imdb link.

*note isn't required any more to put meta info in the description. Just short technical info only!

5. New subcats !

I have added for movies only some extra subcats due users requests like 3D type and HVEC/x265 encode type.

What do you think? we should do these for tv and xxx also?

*At this time we haven't moved the torrent to the new cats but is work in progress.

****In the end ******
I advice if you see a bug/ problem/any distress regarding the working of the site don't hesitate to contact me.

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