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This same thing has been answered several times in this thread, it's mentioned on the stickied OP that tracker is unstable and there is numerous threads about this on Support and Support Archives forum.. I'll say it once more and then I'll lock this thread for now since it's pointless to keep mentioning the same thing over and over again which is already known issue.

Tracker has been more or less unstable since the last longer maintenance downtime. Errors might appear on your active torrents, and you might get few hit n runs on site. However there is nothing you can do about those, and nothing to worry about. Just keep seeding your torrents and the errors and hit n runs will clear eventually. The worse which could happen is that you would get your leeching privs disabled due to hit n runs, but even that is very unlikely since some of the announces do come through. If you want you can try non-ssl tracker if you are now using ssl tracker, some users have said that it's more stable for them. Use these urls if you want to change tracker on your torrents forums.php?action=viewthread&threadid=11664&postid =414334#post414334

We are looking in to the underlying issue and hope the get it fixed as soon as possible.

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