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12 Under-The-Radar Summer Movies You’re Going To Want To See


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The summer season has traditionally been one of the best times of the year for movie fans. Warmer temperatures usually bring the biggest and most eagerly anticipated tentpole movies to air-conditioned theaters. This has been true for decades but now studios have realized that blockbusters can perform when slotted anywhere on the calendar, as movies like Black Panther, Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle and Beauty and the Beast can attest to. Yet, even though you can now see huge movies throughout the year, the summer is still king.

This summer is no different, with lots of great films, including an animated sequel 14 years in the making, giant dinosaurs, even more giant sharks and enough Star Wars and Marvel to fill a certain mouse's coffers for life. But this isn't about those movies. This is about the ones that you maybe haven't heard of, the ones that don't have powerful brand names or audience recognition or receive a ton of coverage. Summer tentpole movies cast a long shadow and often lost in all that hype and hoopla are other under-the-radar movies that are worth checking out.

Perhaps you are tired of the same kind of blockbusters year after year. Or maybe you got MoviePass and are looking to expand your cinematic diet. Either way, there are movies hitting this summer that are worthy of your attention. Some have incredible talent behind them, others tell an unbelievable true story and some just look simply bonkers. This summer includes all the above and more. Take a look below to see the 12 Under-The-Radar Summer Movies you're going to want to see.

There is little more appealing to an adventurous spirit and sense of wanderlust than setting out to sail the open ocean. In this true story, a young couple, played by Shailene Woodley and Sam Claflin, sail into the ocean, only to encounter a massive hurricane that blows them wildly off course. Lost, injured and with little hope of rescue they must try to survive with only each other to rely upon. Adrift comes from Baltasar Kormákur, director of Everest and 2 Guns and writers Aaron and Jordan Kandell who were involved in the story for a much happier sailing movie, Moana. The harrowing tale looks to capture how the human desire for adventure often backs up against the harsh and unforgiving realities of nature. These sorts of survival stories, like 127 Hours and Into the Wild, are always fascinating for what they tell us about the human spirit and the will to survive.

Release Date: June 1st

American Animals
American Animals
This seems to be the summer of amazing true stories and things get dark and dangerous with American Animals. From writer and director Bart Layton, the documentary filmmaker behind 2012's The Imposter comes the true story of four friends who, seeking meaning and excitement in their lives as they race toward adulthood, attempt to pull off an audacious art heist, taking cues from cinematic heists to plan the crime. The film has a unique structure as it unfolds via multiple perspectives and the trailer teases a story that is both funny and ridiculous and also has some real darkness to it. American Animals stars Evan Peters, Barry Keoghan, Blake Jenner and Jared Abrahamson. Who doesn't love a good heist movie? American Animals looks to be bringing something different and unique to the genre in this stranger-than-fiction tale.

Release Date: June 1st

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