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UK man caught ‘green-handed’ with marijuana plant on live TV

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A UK man has discovered first-hand the single worst time to buy an illegal marijuana plant – right in the middle of a drug bust on live TV.

Local Kent news reporter Cameron Tucker was in the middle of a live cross explaining how a couple residing in the home behind him had been caught with a large number of cannabis plants, when a young man casually strolls into the shot holding a large pot-plant before absolutely legging it.

To the reporter’s credit, he appears largely undistracted by the turn of events and is able to continue his report more or less without a hitch.

Mr Tucker was questioned about the video by the news company after it went viral.

“I’m still in as much shock now as I was at the time,” he laughed.

The reporter also dismissed any idea that it may have been a prank staged by the news company, Kent Online.

“We spoke with the neighbours in the house adjacent to the cottage, we spoke with the father there and we saw all their children and that was not one of them,” he added.

Mr Tucker says he and his camera operator tried to find the man after but he had vanished, plant included.

“We’d really like to find the teen, just to get the story to go full circle,” he said.

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