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Please pay attention NOT TO DOUBLE POST!

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Sometime you just need to clear room of your HDD or Seedbox but you are the last seeder. To keep things alive as long as possible post a request here for assistance.

To keep the forum clean proceed with the following:

1. Post a request as follows: Help me seed [name of torrent] - [link to torrent], [time after post before removal from your storage], [Karma Points on offer (optional)]
2. Reply as follows to accept the offer -

, done.

Preliminary Rules rules

Keep chat to a minimum
You must keep the torrent seeding for the time stipulated in the request.
Allow at least 72 hours prior to removal
Upon acceptance of request or removal of torrent edit post and s request. i.e. [link to torrent], [time after post before removal from your storage]
This topic is only for Movies and TV Season Packs
Offering karma points is optional but if you make the offer please ensure its honored
Only accept the offer if you can continue to seed for at least 5 days
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