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Party’s over for Malaysia’s ‘diamond obsessed’ First Lady

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SHE’S an “obsessive” diamond shopper, collects Hermès Birkin bags, shops at Harrods in London, Chanel in Hawaii, Saks Fifth Avenue in New York and numerous jewellers in Hong Kong.

One study of her shopping bills estimates she spent $8 million between 2008 and 2015 at designer stores all over the world, the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) reported.

Rosmah Mansor, wife of Malaysia’s recently ousted prime minister, also reportedly spent around $400,000 on anti-ageing products including 1590 bottles of growth hormone capsules.

The 66-year-old “woman of steal” flaunts bespoke shoes and clothing and allegedly owns a $10 million 30-carat diamond ring, sparking comparisons with one-time Philippines first lady Imelda Marcos.

The “imperious manner” of the woman known as the First Lady of Malaysia (FLOM) is widely mocked by ordinary struggling Malaysians who now have reason to celebrate.

Her profligate spending since her husband Najib Razak was elected in 2009 has long been the subject of media speculation and local revulsion.

In 2015, Ms Mansor was attacked on social media after she complained about the $300 it cost for hair stylists to make house calls to dye her bouffant mane black.

Ms Mansor has always deflected criticism by saying that she can afford such luxuries on her husband’s $130,000 salary because she started saving early” and is given “many gifts”.

“As a woman and the wife of a leader, I need to look groomed and maintain my image. I don’t want to look unkempt because if I look unkempt, I will be criticised,” she once told The Malaysian Insider.

“When people give you something, of course it’s not nice to reject it. Why would you want to just keep them in a safe when the items were given sincerely, are beautiful and can be used?” the Malaysian Digest reportedMs Mansor as saying.

“She is the only child of schoolteachers, hasn’t had a regular paying job in years and her husband, Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak, is a longtime bureaucrat with an annual salary of $US100,000,” the WSJ reported.

But now Mr Razak has lost power in a stunning May 9 electoral defeat to veteran politician Mahathir Mohamad, who has launched a corruption and money-laundering investigation into his predecessor.

Malaysian police have moved on properties connected to Mr Razak and seized 72 suitcases stuffed with cash, watches and jewellery, as well as 284 boxes containing Hermes, Birkin and Louis Vuitton handbags.

The cash, jewellery and other items are said to be worth up to $6 billion.

The South China Morning Post reported that Malaysia has blocked Mr Razak from leaving the country pending investigations into the alleged looting of billions in state money.

He may face criminal charges.

Ms Mansor issued a statement through her lawyers saying: “Despite the overwhelmingly trying times afflicted upon us, we [will] avail ourselves to any requesting authorities”.

Ms Mansor’s wardrobe, before the raids, was said to contain the following:


At least 12 Hermès Birkin Bags worth between $16,000 and $120,000, the higher price being for crocodile skin Birkins, which Ms Mansor seems to favour.


Multimillion-dollar 30 carat diamond ring.

Golden Pearl Necklace, with matching bracelet, with each pearl worth around $5000.

Jacob & Co “Zebra Safari Bangle”worth $550,000. (RM1.65 million).

Richard Mille Lady RM 007 “Diamond Cruncher” watch worth $220,000.

Franck Muller Master Square Lady Date diamond watch worth $51,000.

Hublot Big Bang Black Magic watch worth $26,500.


Too numerous to list, but in 2012, Ms Mansor made news when she visited the Paddington boutique of designer Carl Kapp with her entourage of six and spent about $100,000 on 61 dresses, pants and tops.

When the Fairfax news report caused a ruckus back in Malaysia, Ms Mansor later claimed the order was “for a boutique” rather than her personally.

Among Ms Mansor’s shoe collection are bespoke, one-of-a-kind exclusive Shoes From Emmett Shoes” at an unknown cost.

In 2013, in her autobiography, Biographi Rosmah Mansor, the then first lady responded to criticism of her spending writing, “I have bought some jewellery and dresses with my own money. What is wrong with that?”

In the book, Ms Mansor shared her explanations on how she earned and saved so much.

She said she was a naturally gifted accountant and had released her own recording album, which earned millions.

It wasn’t released to the public, but bought by government ministers who were big fans of her singing talent.

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