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'Grey's Anatomy': Kim Raver Returning Full-Time in Season 15


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ABC's Grey's Anatomy has begun its almost annual process of replenishing its roster of series regulars.

After saying farewell to longtime regulars Jessica Capshaw (Arizona) and Sarah Drew (April) in last week's season 14 finale, the Shondaland medical drama has officially booked Kim Raver's return. Raver will again reprise her role as Dr. Teddy Altman and will be credited as a series regular in season 15.

"I am thrilled to reprise the role of Dr. Teddy Altman as a regular. Returning to Shondaland with the incredibly talented [showrunner] Krista Vernoff, Ellen Pompeo and the amazing cast is heavenly," Raver said in a statement. "I have a special place in my heart for Teddy and feel very lucky to have the opportunity to continue her story."

© Provided by The Hollywood Reporter Raver rejoins Grey's after first reprising her role as Teddy in season 14 during a bottle episode in which Owen (Kevin McKidd) traveled to see her in Germany. Teddy has long harbored feelings for Owen, her longtime friend and former Army buddy, but the two have never been single at the same time. Realizing earlier this season that he, too, had feelings for Teddy, Owen went to visit her in Germany. The duo seemed poised to finally be together until Teddy realized Owen and his ex-wife Amelia (Caterina Scorsone) were still seeing one another. Owen returned to Seattle while Teddy remained in Germany.

That all changed in last week's season 14 finale in which Teddy returned to Seattle, where Bailey (Chandra Wilson) promoted her to interim chief and Teddy revealed she was pregnant (most likely with Owen's child).

For her part, Raver was first brought in during season six as a mentor for Cristina Yang (Sandra Oh). Following flings with Mark (Eric Dane), and Dr. Perkins (James Tupper), Teddy fell for a patient named Henry (Scott Foley). She exited the series during the season eight finale when her character — still coping with Henry's death — accepted a job at an Army hospital. Raver returned earlier this season as part of another storyline in which Owen's presumed-dead sister (and Teddy's friend) was found alive.

Raver is the first Grey's regular to return in the same capacity. Scorsone was a regular on spinoff Private Practice before reprising her role as Amelia, Derek's (Patrick Dempsey) sister on the flagship. Isaiah Washington (Burke) was fired but returned to reprise his role as part of Oh's exit and Tessa Ferrer (Leah) recurred in season 13, a few years after exiting as a regular.

Grey'swelcomed back Vernoff in season 14 as co-showrunner following her stint in seasons one through seven as creator Rhimes moved to Netflix. The series also introduced six new interns as the veteran drama looks to repopulate its ranks. As for who else could return in the recently announced 15th season, the door remains open for Scott Speedman to reprise his role as the charismatic Nick Marsh, a transplant surgeon who hit it off with Meredith (Pompeo) earlier this season. The finale also featured an interesting moment between Meredith and her daughter, Zola, about finding love again.

Grey's Anatomy returns in the fall on ABC.

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