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'At least' 100 pupils trafficked from Nigerian school

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Teachers at a school in southern Nigeria have revealed at least 100 students have disappeared in the last four months - apparently taken out of the country by human traffickers.

The teachers told Solomon Okoduwa, a senior special assistant to the governor on human trafficking and illegal migration, when he visited the secondary school in Benin City, Edo State.

Mr Okoduwa told BBC News Pidgin the teacher initially thought the missing students were just unwell.

But later, they found out from other students that they had been trafficked to Libya - from where they were likely to attempt the dangerous crossing to Europe.

It is not known exactly why they went, or if anyone encouraged them.

β€œWhen we asked the teachers how they got the information, we were told they got it from other students who were talking about their fellow students that had travelled,” he said.

Mr Okoduwa also said that the advocacy exercise is still ongoing and will be done across all secondary schools in Edo State.

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