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New twist in investigation of Pennsylvania teacher's killing

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ALIQUIPPA, Pa. — Authorities have executed a new search warrant on the wife of an Aliquippa Police officer in connection to the death of Rachael DelTondo, CBS Pittsburgh reports. There have been several theories about DelTondo's death, but police investigators have clearly set their sights on 20-year-old Sheldon Jeter.

Police interviewed the on-again, off-again boyfriend just hours after the murder then executed the first of two search warrants, taking his iPhone and some clothes.

"He's not involved in this homicide, and no evidence has come forward to show that he is," Michael Santicola, Jeter's attorney, said.

Police had asked Jeter for the clothes he was wearing the night of the murder, and he initially surrendered a pair of khaki pants and a windbreaker. But an affidavit says he was seen on surveillance cameras wearing something different — a gray sweatshirt.

Jeter also told police he spoke with DelTondo earlier in the evening at the Circle K convenience store, but while tapes show DelTondo there, they do not show Jeter. 

When asked by CBS Pittsburgh if he thought these discrepancies were incriminating, Santicola said: "I do not think the discrepancies are incriminating. In fact, I would probably challenge the fact that there even are discrepancies."

Santicola says Jeter spoke briefly with police at 5 a.m. and that he told no lies.

On Thursday, police took a PlayStation and some notebooks because Jeter told them he was playing video games and writing rap lyrics the night of the murder. They were looking for a handgun and some bloody clothes, but did not find them.

"The two search warrants that they have issued on him have yielded nothing, which would be consistent with what he has told them," Santicola said.

But in yet another twist, police have executed a warrant on Facebook, looking into the private account of Stephanie Watkins.

She's the mother of Lauren Watkins, who dropped DelTondo off at her home that night. She is also the wife of Aliquippa Police Sergeant Kenneth Watkins, who is on administrative leave during the investigation.

Lauren Watkins told police she did not see DelTondo's assailant or hear gunshots. Her father showed up at the crime scene and reportedly argued with other police officers.

The reason for the Facebook search warrant is unclear.

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