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ImmortalSeed News - Stability Issues Solved!


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Stability Issues Solved!

We have had some issues with site stability. The issues started when our hosts data center lost power abruptly. The sudden loss of power to the server resulted in a very corrupted database. We were able to rebuild that database from a recent (hours ago) backup and get things running again.

However, this aggravated an issue that was secretly laying in wait. Working with the backups required creating several duplicates of large files. During the chaos of getting things back up and running, some of these files were not removed, resulting in a horribly simple, yet debilitating problem: the disk was full.

After some janitorial work we are confident things are back to normal again.

As a way of saying sorry for the interruptions, and thanks for bearing with us, we are going to make the site free leach for the rest of the month!

Thanks again to all of our users. Its because of you that this place is so awesome! A huge extra special thanks to our donors who literally keep the lights on around here. You guys rock!


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