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HDChina News - Illegal ID Amnesty Program


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Illegal ID Amnesty Program

I. The development of this plan does not represent the private RMB transactions in which the official defaults on default IDs, invitations, and traffic. It's just equivalent to the official privilege of surrendering. For those who do not surrender. This site will still maintain strict policies for the ID and invited private renminbi transactions. 

Second, this activity long-term effective 

Third, all in Taobao trading site, obtain an ID by way of RMB transactions, invited users. You can participate in this activity. The relevant information is edited in the following format, short message PM to the specified ID: " nebulæ " 

4. The user who purchases the invitation is in the following format: 
1. The date of purchase: 
2. The cost spent: 
3. The relevant evidence: (if you and the seller The chat history, etc., is preferably a screenshot of the chat record. Upload to the map bed) 
4. The seller's information: (everything you know, such as his ID, his shop on Taobao, his mailbox, etc.) 
5. Others Description: 

Fifth, the purchase ID of the user in accordance with the following format 
1, purchase date: 
2, the cost spent: 
3, relevant evidence: (If you chat with the seller's chat, etc., it is best to capture a screenshot of the chat. Upload to the map bed, attach the URL of) 
4, information on traffickers ( everything you know, such as his ID in his shop on Taobao his mailbox, etc.) 
5. other notes: 

six, purchase flow to generation 
1, the date of purchase : 
2. Expenses spent: 
3. How much G traffic has been purchased. 
4. Evidence: (If you are chatting with the trafficker, it is best to take a screenshot of the chat. Upload to the map bed and attach the URL)
5, the seller's relevant information: (you know everything, such as his ID on his Taobao shop on his mailbox, etc.) 
6, other instructions: 

7. Any initiative to explain the issue. We haven't been jealous. For those who did not explain, in the future investigation and handling, BAN will still be determined according to established policies. The amnesty will only be to buyers and sellers will no longer be subject to amnesty. Acquiring the ID of an Amnesty will continue to follow HDC rules in the future.

To sum it up ! more measurements is being done for those who purchase/sell/trade HDChina invites or accounts & invitee should report / etc..

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