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U2.Dmhy News - An important notice


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An important notice, and an announcement for long-term recruitment |

U2 made a major adjustment to the current user group level. In short, we have set a new management group level ( tentatively named "FFF group/Assistant Moderator") that is responsible for the revision of U2 candidate audits and seed resources (but does not participate in the management of user information rights). The original gospel group is combined with two users of the original FFF group

At the same time, we will open this management level for long-term recruitment. At this stage, there will be higher requirements for applicants, because we hope that the first members who volunteer to participate in the candidate management can shoulder the responsibility of formulating a series of rules such as perfecting the candidate review guide. 
It is hoped that in this way, U2 will speed up functional iterations and make up for management deficiencies. Together with everyone, U2 will maintain this small world. 
the above. 
PS "Permanently retain" account function permissions to "House God" (delimited from the special group delimitation); "Permanently retained after the deposit" account function permissions to "Homestead" ( 
deducted from the House God) 50UC candidate voting has been canceled . 

All previous VIP and Uploader users are now in the new Uploader class. Your units remain the same.
Added a new userclass "Assistant Moderator" to deal with offers, torrents, subtitles and promotions as part of the staff. They cannot manage a user's status. For communication reason, the recurit is only for those who can use Chinese.

P.S. From now, your account will never be banned for inactivity if you are a Nexus Master or above. (previously special class only)
Your account will never be banned for inactivity if you are a Ultimate User, and your account is parked. (previously Nexus Master)
The 50 UCoin offer vote reward has been cancelled.


To sum it up guys :
-VIPs & Uploader users are united in a New Uploader class!
-New class "Assistant Moderator" is added.
-NexusMaster or above class won't be banned for Inactivity.
-Ultimate rank or above won't be banned if Parked !
-The 50 UCoin offer vote reward has been cancelled.


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