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Killer Intelligence: Google Assistant Capable of Shooting You to Death

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As it turns out, it's enough just to give Google Assistant a voice command to pull the trigger. Is it time to sound the alarm?

Google Assistant has been taught to fire a gun, according to media reports.

Alexander Reben, a robotics enthusiast from the United States, came up with the idea of teaching his app to fire a gun amid constant talks of cyborg killers and other alarming tendencies in the field of artificial intelligence.

As it turns out, the rhetoric is not as far from reality as it might have seemed, which sounds scary.

A video released online shows how Google Assistant is ordered to fire a gun at an apple and after receiving the voice command… actually pulls the trigger.

According to Reben, his experiment is designed to show that it's impossible to predict all scenarios in the field of advanced technologies.

Earlier in April, dozens of AI specialists from across the globe called for a boycott against the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) over its new research center, which is collaborating with one of South Korea's largest weapons manufacturers. They expressed concern that the activities of the research center could lead to the creation "killer robots."

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