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Poo falls from sky in Canada, coating cars in excrement

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POO has been mysteriously raining from the sky in Canada, leaving cars “inundated” with excrement, repulsed drivers say.

The disturbing incident happened May 9 and 12 in Kelowna, British Columbia, according to Global News.

The New York Post reports Susan Allen and her son Travis Sweet were stopped at a red light when they were splattered with the flying faeces, which dropped through an open sunroof.

“While we were sitting there, our car was inundated with liquid poo falling from the sky,” she said.

Sweet said he felt something cold smack the side of his face — “then the smell hit my nose”.

“I almost vomited instantly. It was terrible,” Sweet recalled.

Ms Allen, meanwhile, burst into tears.

“It smelled so bad that my stomach got ill,” she said.

The fecal phenomenon left Ms Allen with a swollen eye — and she believes an overhead passenger plane is to blame.

“We [saw] the aeroplane flying over,” she said. “We watched the stuff fall from the sky.”

Government agency Transport Canada is investigating the incident.

“Each air operator is responsible for ensuring that their aircraft operate safely and in compliance with the Canadian Aviation Regulations,” Transport Canada spokesman Daniel Savoie said.

Those regulations say “no person shall create a hazard to persons or property on the surface by dropping an object from an aircraft in flight”.

Kelowna International Airport said it received a complaint over the incident but added that there was no aircraft flying in the area at the time.

Still, Ms Allen wants to hold someone accountable.

“My car was inundated with poo. I would like them to clean my car out,” she said. “An apology would be nice, and I do believe they owe me some compensation for my eye.”

Meanwhile, three days after Ms Allen’s runny run-in, Brett Yates discovered that his car was struck by faeces while parked in his driveway, according to Global News. His neighbour’s vehicle was also covered.

Mr Yates lives near the area of the first incident.

In January, a 12.7kg icy ball landed in an Indian village outside of New Delhi.

Local villagers thought it was an “extraterrestrial” object, but testing revealed it was more likely to be frozen excrement from an aeroplane.

Meanwhile, in 2016, a 60-year old Indian woman was injured after a football sized chunk of ice fell on her from the sky, believed to have come from a leaking plane toilet.

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