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Bemaniso.ws News - London Rhythm Game Meetup


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London Rhythm Game Meetup Q2: Hatefuck edition

Join us for the quarterly rhythm gaming and banter meetup at VEGA London between the 28th of June and the 1st of July!
We've got beatmania IIDX 24 SINOBUZ, jubeat Qubell (x2), Dancemat Game 2014, dead air hockey rhythm game (x2), MUSECA and pop'n music éclale (x2)!

This Q will be featuring free WiFi, backroom banter, realtime shitposting on discord, autism, Unuu (no really I'll bring it this time), tears, emotions and more!

Want an enhanced gaming/banter experience? Then join us for the lockins at £10 a night during the Q period! This means you can stay overnight at the arcade and play all the rhythm games for free and play extra games like Uno, "beat the Q4 record of buying/eating 250 nugs", go out drinking with the bois and just enjoy general banter!

Q2 is scheduled to be fairly quiet! Most the traitorsregulars are in Japan so you'll get extra time on the cabs. Plus usually when it's this quiet we go drinking.

If you're interested in staying overnight, PM ****!
If you're already planning on staying but haven't told him which nights you're staying, pls tell him now cuz he kinda needs to know beforehand.

If you don't have an eAMUSE pass, you can buy a fresh official one from the arcade for just £5.

We've got a couple of people coming from abroad from places such as maybe Norway if viddy isn't a dickhead, Germany because s9k is gay, France and more, so if you do come from outside the UK; you won't be alone!

Interested in coming or want more information? Pop by the thread and let us know.

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