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Immortalseed News


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Features and feedback oh my!

We have a few new site features and ideas that are coming down the pipe that we would love feedback on. Site announcements are also placed in the forums here: https://immortalseed.me/tsf_forums/forum....php?fid=2 Please leave a comment there, send us a staff message, or catch us in the shoutbox or irc!

Request System Features and Upgrades: We are discussing making some changes to the request system in order to make it more useful and rewarding to both the requester and filler..

  • Bounty System: This will allow other users to contribute additional bonus points to existing requests. The idea is to make it more rewarding for fillers to track down and upload harder to find items and hopefully in crease the odds that the request is filled.
  • Automatic Duplicate Request and Existence Check: With this upgrade the request system will check first to see if a similar request already exists, or a similar torrent has already been uploaded. If the system find a duplicate, it will only warn the requester before continuing, not prevent the request entirely, as any automated system can make mistakes.
  • New IMDB and TVMaze field: Requesters will be able to add the IMDB or TVMaze id to the request to better assist fillers in defining exactly what they are requesting. This will help with shows and movies that have the same or similar names or are remakes etc.
  • Any format/Filetype Checkbox: A requester will be able to select this box if any resolution, format, or encoding will fill the request.


Development Updates/Blog Page: This will be a place where users can go to see any updates from the development team. The hope is to list any site features or fixes that are in the works, with perhaps a progress bar. Additionally, it will give the development team a chance to comment on ongoing projects and allow users to give feedback by commenting on the blog post. Further, there would be two blog feeds, one for general users, and another for life-time donors so they can contribute to early access betas.

IS Birthday Open Doors: Next month is our 9th birthday (more on that later). For the past several years, it has been tradition to open the doors (allow open registration) for a time. This has been done mainly to help the peer/seeder population. Not to mention lots of great users have come in through the open door. This year however, before we open any doors, we want your vote! Please take a second to check out the new site poll that will be posted shortly after this announcement and vote! Alternatives could include giving new users an increased bonus upon sign up to encourage current users to use their invites.

Donation Specials A huge extra special thank you and hugs to all those users who have contributed and helped keep the hamsters running. The past few months we have been a bit short on our goals. As we have mentioned before, this requires us to dip into reserves, taking away from future site upgrades. It also gives us a chance to give a little extra something to those who donate.

The following donation options will see additional bonuses:

  • Lifetime VIP will see its cost cut in half! Being a lifetime donor not only gets you an even fancier green suit, it's no longer a rental, you own it!
  • Super Donation Special will be made extra special with double the upload credit, and an additional 20 Gigs of your download to crank your ratio even higher!.
  • Ratio Booster will boost your ratio even more with double the amount of download removed from your ratio score.

All bonuses will be reflected on the donation page, so what you see is what you get. Also note that any donation reducing your download score will NOT take the number below zero.

Please consider donating to help keep the lights on and the hamsters fed! On bended knee I humbly thank you!

IS Birthday Coming up next month is iS's 9th birthday! Keep an eye out for special events such as scavenger hunts, forum games, and of course quiz shows with crazy prizes! More details to come next month.

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