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Henri van Breda appears at sentencing hearing in South African court - General Hangout & Discussions - InviteHawk - Your Only Source for Free Torrent Invites

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Henri van Breda appears at sentencing hearing in South African court

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A JUDGE has admitted he is struggling to find any reason to show any mercy to Henri van Breda, the former Perth schoolboy found guilty of slaughtering his father, mother and brother for no apparent reason.

Van Breda, 23, was back in court in South Africa overnight, for a sentencing hearing on his convictions for murdering Martin, Teresa and Rudi at their luxury Stellenbosch home in 2015.

Judge Siraj Desai last month found Van Breda guilty of killing them all with an axe, as well as an equally vicious attack in his 16 year-old sister Marli, which the court was told she survived only by a “miracle”.

Jude Desai tonight almost implored Van Breda’s lawyer Pieter Botha to give him some “human factor” which might decrease the gravity of what he had done, or some reason why.

“The only inference is that he acted out of innate wickedness if you can’t give me anything ... put before me some reason for these attacks.” Judge Desai said.

But Mr Botha said he “canvassed this aspect with my client many times, even when I met him for the first time after the incident.”

“As much as I’d like to, I cannot take it any further,” Mr Botha said.

Prosecutor Susan Galloway told the court that on the day of the killings Van Breda spent significant time on the phone with emergency services knowing his sister was still alive, and didn’t help her.

He had since shown little sympathy for his sister since the attacks, even referring to her as a “princess” to his counsellors.

“She has lost her family, her home ... and has to go through life with knowledge that her brother killed her whole family and also tried to kill her,” Ms Galloway said.

She told the court that to protect Marli’s privacy a victim impact statement had not been handed up to the court. Judge Desai will deliver his sentence on Thursday

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