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Invites: Has been reset for all users. The reason is that many users who do not use the account are inactivated and then disabled. (Also, invitations to enter the page) An attempt to get this tracker to bring in active users will remove all invites and you will receive simply donate 100kr to get an invite plus everything else you already get today for your donation money.
An invitation distributed will be used and not just become an account in the crowd.
Invites are awarded in the Support channel.

Sticky: Used to paste solid torrents or a group. They will appear on the first page under the p2p section.

Medals: Now you can be awarded medals by donating a slant. There are different medals for different levels.

As you all know, it costs to drive this tracker to the extent we have today.
Ideally, the donation bar had been shown green every month. Thus, having a buffer that can handle the most critical months, where we all have expenses for various things.
For example, if everyone donated $ 10 each month, we would be able to subscribe for a few years to come.

Think of the use of sunscreen and do not just lie in this nice summer heat we have experienced so far. Staff wish you a really good summer.

Mvh Staff

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