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  1. Good general tracker to get started on. Don't miss out.
  2. Absolutely dead tracker. Site has maybe 1-2 snatches tops for popular shows and movies. Had open signups a few times in past months and often had simultaneous freeleech. Still, site was dead during FL.
  3. Nice site, good HD content and retention. hdspace and spacehd great internal releasers that release iso files.
  4. I have TB buffers on multiple trackers but would never send a site screenshots to get in.
  5. Hello, Would like to apply for speed.cd invite. Can provide ratio proofs if needed.
  6. Good overall tracker. Offers unrar'd shows.
  7. Site needs a ton of work. 12 torrents total available for download.
  8. India, thank you, but i just got an invite from other user a few hours earlier.
  9. Very affordable and good speeds at both basic and higher levels. Unlimited bandwidth and they allow public torrents. I've gotten 70 MB down on their 250 Mbps offering. Had very good peering and speeds with their 1 Gbit. They use Quickbox so it's all set up for you and east to restart when it crashes. They cheaper offerings do crash from time to time but more an rutorrent problem. They allow deluge or rutorrent. Seems their servers get hit pretty hard since they allow public trackers, but really a good value for how cheap it is. https://www.seedever.com/clients/cart.php
  10. Seems to be quite popular. I see it as a peer a lot lately and speeds are right up there with the rest of the swarm. Wouldn't mind trying out their dedi option.
  11. Service is good. Used for two years and got very good speeds. You only pay for storage so if you buy 200GB and have a 1GB file, then every 24 hours you get 1GB knocked off your account. Unlimited traffic and easy download links for streaming direct. I used mainly for public trackers only because long term seeding can get expensive, but did boost ratio very nicely on a FL at one private tracker with justseed.it. Not sure what he's using for payments though with bitcoin fees still being quite high. He switched to bitcoin only a year ago.
  12. Suppose you could move finished torrents to separate folder with autotools, then set a winscp script or windows scheduler to run maybe shortly before you wake.
  13. This has to be the most comprehensive and easy to understand list of filters I've ever seen. Incredible. Why does every site make it so complicated.