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  1. Tracker Name: DanishBytes Tracker URL: https://danishbytes.club/ Error: Cloudflare 502 Bad Gateway
  2. It's been a month since my initial purchase of one delightful seedbox and two average ones. Stay tuned for an early review of SeedMonster's biggest box, at the end. To recap, I've been on private trackers for perhaps two or three months now - certainly not long in the grand scheme of things. Now that the dust has settled over the Xmas freeleech rush, it's time to collect my thoughts and give back the keys to the seedboxes I leased over the New Year. It's hard to compete with a company that actively takes trash out of the oceans, but I'm a sucker for situational advertising. One of my private trackers offered a small amount of upload credit in exchange for a box, and once I converted the price to AUD and realised it was almost half of what I was paying for seedit4me's Ace box... well, couldn't resist that. The seedboxes I borrowed over the New Year's period served me quite well, and any problems I encountered weren't the fault of the host. I was successfully able to grab about 8TBish of content for both the purposes of cross-seeding and my own personal collection. And it was a huge relief to be able to say to the housemates, "Yes, you can pull the internet cable out of the home seedbox if it's affecting your ping for CS:GO - I've got a seedbox in the Netherlands, it's fine." I ran out of space on Ace quite a bit. I was able to set up Google Drive via rclone and used its web interface to transfer 750GB out from the seedbox every 24 hours without any problems that I've discovered so far. I had a chat with S4MPeter on the seedit4me Discord and he was able to give me a hand with the process, as well as pulling a last-minute hurrah to transfer everything from Sidekick to Ace before it expired. I would have loved to hang onto the big box, but if I could afford to do that, I could afford to buy my media. So... Here's the link to Seedmonster's website. Go check it out for yourself so I don't have to insert a screenshot of the entire front page. https://seedmonster.net/ It's quite plain; I swear in the past I remember seeing some "monster"-related seedbox that offered monster-themed plans. I was looking forward to a Bat Box one day. I picked up a Cyclone and was then left wondering what to do next. I was used to being able to disable rutorrent - not like it's hurting anything by being there and not being used, but it would have been nice. I'm a qbittorrent kind of gal. Unfortunately, Seedmonster has no Discord server, so you can't ask other users for tips or tricks. They also don't have live support - you have to go through the ticket system. As you can see, they are polite. Can't fault them on that. Possibly one of the reasons this service is so affordable is because compared to seedit4me's 10Gigabit connections, everyone (on the whole network, or just my branch, I wonder?) on Seedmonster shares a 1Gigabit connection. It's been eight hours since staff last sent that reply - indeed it's quite possible they've all gone home for the day. I shall have to check on the progress of the transfer myself after I finish this post. 1 gigabit is more than enough for any sane person, and indeed faster than what we just upgraded to at home. The aforementioned ping issues plague the three resident gamers long into the night. I shelled out for another month of seedbox because I'm disorganised and there still remains no easy way to just snap my fingers and have all my data neatly organised on its respective drives. I've sunk a lot of time into spreadsheets to make sense of what's out there, where, and where it needs to go to reach the most people. I don't anticipate my current situation changing any time soon, but for as long as I keep up these same habits, this may not be the last seedbox I buy. I'd like to see more seedbox providers celebrate their dedication to ethical causes. #TeamSeas is great, but I wonder why everyone else is taking so long to catch up? Lastly, while I've got your attention, if you happen to live in Australia then you can pester the government right now to hurry up and fast-track its decision to end live animal export. https://animalsaustralia.org/latest-news/urge-pm-to-end-live-export-now-s/ See you next time!
  3. This might be what you're after! https://jme-reunit3d.de/application I think CartoonChaos invites are restricted to certain ranks. I'll keep an eye out. Edit: This is what the invite section looks like. Clicking on "New Invite" doesn't do anything. I have confirmed that the rest of the site's users are pretty in the dark about the invite function.
  4. I adore ReelFliX. They might be small, but the admins put a ton of effort in. LEGi0N's releases are top-notch (and great for cross-seeding), and their 3D library of SBS encodes is the cream of the crop. The shoutbox always has something going on, thanks to an enthusiastic bot. Sometimes this has the side effect of drowning out messages from real members, but it's honestly better that way than to see a very dead shoutbox that doesn't move at all. Reseed requests are promptly and kindly attended to. They have a Discord server, where you can keep tabs on upcoming releases and drop in for a friendly chat with the team. I would love to see this tracker flourish. I got into ratio trouble in the first few days and was graciously helped - I managed to repay the favour back to the community by uploading 2TB during holiday freeleech. New members are not left to struggle alone and figure things out for themselves. It's a warm, supportive community.
  5. What a cosy little community this is, and one that knows their material well. Collectors will delight in the 35mm scans of films, restored/uncensored versions of movies, and unaired pilot episodes. The token system is quite generous and more than enough to get you up and running with a good chance at building and keeping a healthy ratio. The collage system is fascinating and enables a fantastic showcase of certain themes, genres, studios and eras. Definitely worth getting your foot in the door with this one.
  6. It's worth noting that this tracker has special rules for seedboxes - freeleech doesn't count. So, cross-seeding is a very valuable skill to have if trying to build ratio. M-Team is built on NexusPHP, and their English translation is not entirely complete - you will still see patches of Chinese here and there. It's a good idea to have Google Translate bookmarked. Users regularly upload the day's news broadcasts from various channels. The wiki can be accessed without signing up, so it's a good place to familiarise yourself with the rules first. Of particular interest is this graph. M-Team 3D doesn't seem to be as active as I thought they would be. For 3D content, you might be better off going to ReelFliX or 3Dtorrents.
  7. Ahoy there, mateys. Aren't the holidays wonderful? Open registrations and global freeleech galore! Perfect for building up ratio. I took advantage of holiday sales to pick up a few new drives, but I knew they wouldn't arrive for a few more weeks, when global freeleech would have ended. So, I thought... What the hell, these are extenuating circumstances, I'll shell out for a seedbox. So I grabbed a Sidekick Pro from seedit4.me, having eyed off their pretty website earlier. What a blast!! These are my top 5 seeded torrents. Australian internet is totally puny, so downloading things was lightning fast and I've already uploaded more in just a week than I'd managed to in months at home. It is unbelievably amazing. I quickly ran out of space and ponied up the extra cash for another terabyte, which was also swiftly gobbled up. Payment was easy and things moved very quickly. Here's what the dashboard looks like: All of the -arr apps are there that you always hear people talk about, plus a smorgasbord of media viewers, alternative torrent clients, and nifty tools. Rutorrent is there by default, but I'm a qbittorrent gal, so that's what I went with. Clearly things heated up a bit, because I ended up enjoying myself so much that I bit the bullet and picked up an extra box - the Ace plan, with all the bells and whistles. I cannot recommend this highly enough. A word of warning, though! Check the rules of your private tracker before you go too nuts! In my case, I'd just gotten into somewhere new where I found out too late that freeleech torrents didn't count as freeleech if downloaded through a seedbox. Before I knew it, I'd gone from 2GB downloaded to 100GB downloaded... and my ratio plummeted to 0.05. According to the rules of the site, I had five days to fix my trash ratio, and here's where the fun began. Here's how cross-seeding works. You have a site that has freeleech (or a good buffer), and a site that doesn't. You look for torrents that are exactly the same on both sites, download from the one that's free, download the .torrent file from the one that isn't, and point it at the content you've already downloaded from elsewhere. The site now registers that you have a complete copy of the torrent which others can now download from. In the above screenshot, red was freeleech, blue was the site I needed urgently to fix my ratio on, but I only had one copy of the listed movies. Aha. I found tags and categories to be an absolute lifesaver when trying to organise such a massive array of content. Creating a category for each private tracker, and tags based on the download status of the torrent, helped me keep track of what needed action and what didn't. It was around this time that I realised I was running out of space again... and decided to palm off my less-demanding torrents to a third seedbox, which I redeemed from the Member's Shop for an easy 30k points. RapidSeedbox's UI is nowhere near as polished and snazzy as seedit4me, but it does the job. Qbittorrent's web interface was a little more locked down on this seedbox than on Seedit4me's equivalent tier. On Seedit4me, you can see how much space is left on your box in qbittorrent's status bar, down the bottom. It's a little extra work to keep an eye on it on RapidSeedbox. I also noticed that my torrents were queued, instead of all going at once - this is probably fine since very few of them are active at a time anyway. I was also unable to access qbittorrent's settings. Probably just a side effect of being on the basic plan. With my 6TB seedbox nearly constantly full, I had to figure out what to do. I used FlashFXP to transfer files from one box to another via FTP, getting speeds of around 60Mb/s. I also figured out that I could use multiple instances of Filezilla and increase the simultaneous download slots to 10 to slowly drain the files off the seedboxes onto my hard drives at home. Unfortunately, I pulled out my ethernet cable without thinking about it when moving to a comfier location in the house... and all my transfers failed. So I'll have to figure something out. I did eventually end up fixing my trash ratio in the nick of time, and I'm delighted to have been able to seed back to the community so much along the way. All the seedboxes did exactly what I was hoping - provided a quick spot of refuge for files I didn't have room for while I waited for my drives to arrive. At nearly $100 a month AUD, there's no way that seedit4me's best box is sustainable for me long-term - but as a once-off, I'd say it's been absolutely worth the price. If I hadn't had such a need to guzzle content, I'm sure I would have been just fine with just the Sidekick Pro and the Swift box - but it's been a real treat to be able to enjoy the blazing-fast speeds of Ace. Where to from now? Waiting patiently for my internet to be upgraded, before I try FTP again to get all my files off. The last thing I'll note is that creating torrents was disabled from all three instances of the qbittorrent web UI. I did note a torrent creator tool existed, but it would have been nice to do it the familiar way. If you haven't bought a seedbox yet, I hope this overview helped give you an idea of what to expect! Thanks for reading all the way to the end. I'll catch you round.
  8. Edit: M-Team is back up! https://kp.m-team.cc/
  9. Tracker name: M-Team Tracker url: kp.m-team.cc Error: Unknown server error Edit: Back up!
  10. Thank you, Achelous. This is not to advertise per se, but to let people know that a community exists. So I won't be dropping any links - just providing leads. The tasmanit.es server is not official/I am not the owner, but the staff don't seem to think an official one is necessary - so it's informal. Currently, 6 members.
  11. OldToons and LegacyHD/ReelFliX have Discord servers. I've also created a server for tasmanit.es. PM if interested.
  12. ReelFliX is now freeleech! Go go go! https://reelflix.xyz/ OldToons.world is also still freeleech: https://oldtoons.world/
  13. Hi there! I'm petalmuncher. I'm here because I'm collecting as much multi-language content as possible, with a focus on 3D movies and animation of all kinds. I enjoy sci-fi and dislike live-action remakes. I live on a hill in a harbour town and I get to watch cruise ships come and go, and sometimes there are dolphins, seals, whales etc in the water which are fun to see with binoculars. I have three big beautiful bookcases - my favourite sets of books include my Terry Pratchett and Gunnerkrigg Court hardcovers. I'm waiting for my next hard drive to come in the post. It's going to go in a server that my housemate found in his bedroom! Here is my cat:
  14. Look at this man, single-handedly holding up the entire invite and upgrade industry! Communication is swift and clear, order was a breeze as always. This is now the standard by which I will judge other services for the rest of my life. Thanks for opening another door for me, Ethan.
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