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  1. 15 x ultimatewrestlingtorrents invites
  2. @norma thanks for your offer, would be nice to get 1xDasUnerwartete seedbox available
  3. Thanks for the offer Would be glad to hear from you. *apply* - seedbox available *wait* nvm, don't need it anymore
  4. [WANT] If you want, pls make an offer for: - german trackers (or other trackers with many german torrents) ...especially cartoons - Gay-Torrents.org [HAVE] Invites: TorrentLeech Gaytor.rent Accounts (unused): SilentGround Accounts (buffered): HD-Torrents (~240gb UL | ~25gb DL) HD-Space (~400gb UL | 0gb DL) accounts with unique names Thank you
  5. Hey mmd, would be nice to get one (seedbox available). //sorry if I misunderstood about the LIKE. Have always seen so far only that the interested users write a post.
  6. Tracker Name - CartoonChaos Tracker URL - http://www.cartoonchaos.org/ Speedtest - Seedbox with Unlimited DL and 50Gbps shared UL (works great so far) Comments - Hello world, I'm currently looking for a tracker to share cartoons. Unfortunately there isn't an "german" tracker imho, but I hope/think CartoonChaos have some releases with german dub. Seedbox is available, I know how tools/plugins like autodl-irssi and RSS work and I am adaptive. I'm very active on an anime tracker, so I'm stocked up on anime and have different accounts for general stuff. So I think not to be incapable. Thank you very much
  7. This song has been with me since its release: Armand van Helden - MyMyMy No matter how I feel, listening to MyMyMy always makes me feel better. Will listen to all your favorite songs, there are some great "ideas" here. You have great taste in music!
  8. Robin Williams, for ever and always His versatility has always fascinated me.
  9. Can you be happy as a gay man with this tracker or does it have a very strong focus on straight content and gay videos are very limited? I would be happy if someone can check and/or say something about this. thanks, stay tolerant!
  10. You will not regret it! Definitely still a great tracker. Asking is not necessary at the moment, it's open for signups.
  11. Full agreement! And another little tip: After registration you get FREELEECH for 1 month for all torrents. This is absolutely handy to build a good ratio for the future. Take rss and run seedbox, profit!
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