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  1. If there are any left i would like to apply for one
  2. Hi! I'd like to apply. Thank you! @Samfox98
  3. Additional Information: SpeedApp.io is a ratioless Romanian Private Torrent Tracker for 0Day / General Releases. This is not true, SpeedApp.io is now ratio-based and HnR system is working(ratio 1:1 / 48h) Also is a good tracker and invites will become harder to get there.
  4. http://www.romovies.ro/ Tracker Name: RoMovies Genre: Movies Sign-up Link: http://www.romovies.ro/index.php?page=signup Closing Date: N/A Additional Information: New based on movies tracker
  5. Tracker Name : Xtreme Porn Tracker URL : http://xtremeporn.eu/ Tracker Type : Porn Tracker Name : xPORN Tracker URL : http://xtremeporn.eu/index.php Tracker Type : xxx Signup URL : http://xtremeporn.eu/login.php?returnto=%2F Tracker Logo Post Content : Tracker Description : Is a brand new xxx torrent tracker just 9 days ago opened.All torrents has very good speed some from 1gb seedbox and others from 100mb home connection. Home/News : Tracker Stats : Torrent Categories : Browse Page : Freeleech : No Freelech Forums : Rules : Bonus System : No Bonus sistem Userclasses/Promotion : Invite System : None yet! IRC Details : No irc just chat. Donations : Ratings & Personal Commentary : At begging...works well! i hope to make them bigger! Content : 8/10 Speed : 10/10 Community : 6/10 Signup URL : http://xtremeporn.eu/login.php?returnto=%2F
  6. Hy all! My name Is Pips , i have 24 years and i'm from Romania. Im on torrents from 4 years and now in Elite Admin on a private romanian site (no advertise :D ) I have some invites on some trackers and in happy to share to all. Respect to all!
  7. Welcome to the forums PiPS :welcome:

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